Perforated Wall - A Theater in a Filter — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Jun 1, 2019 | Filter name: "PerforatedWall"

Filter creator: Junji Suzuki (@bma_japan)

I love coming across original Instagram filters and today I came across 'PerforatedWall' by Junji Suzuki or as his IG username, @bma_japan.  In this filter, Junji was planning on making something that looks like Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' (1980) movie package cover. However, after he starts experimenting with things, it turned out looking more like Peter Turner's 'The Blair Witch Project' (1999) movie.

Whatever movie package cover it refers to, it still an original and a breath of fresh air among all the latest filters that I've tried this week. In this filter, users can see themselves through a hole in the wall (thus the filter name Perforated Wall). Only the face is visible against a dark background and there is a mask that darkens out the face. This makes the face appear like it is only lightly lit in the dark.

The Blair Witch Project dramatic lighting effect using Instagram filter

When users open their mouth, the face is lit up as with direct lighting, a torch. If you look at 'The Blair Witch Project' cover you can clearly see the resembles.

A Theater in a Filter

The lighting effect was done well. This could have been done differently without the segmentation, but it works well. The emphasis is on the face, not the surrounding details which are not seen in this filter.  It's, therefore, results in a dramatic high contrast scene. This is the type of filters where acting can help to deliver great results. You are given the scene, the lighting and a little control over the lighting, and it's up to you to put some acting on and make the best of it. It's your few seconds to shine in your own little Instagram movie.

Perforated Wall Instagram filter

The 'Perforated Wall' IG filter has shown me how important lighting is and how amazing filter scenes we can create with it.  if you look at how people behave when using filters, you can see that acting is a crucial part of connecting with the AR filter. The creator of the filter can direct the users to use it in a certain way, but as we've always seen, users always come up with some original actings—A theater in a filter, and I know I'll enjoy unboxing your actings, so let's do it.

Enjoy the Creative Interpretation of the Filter

That presentation of how users use the filter is something that I think is a joy for Spark AR creators to discover. You release a filter to the world, and after a short time, you see how people used it. This is why I like seeing filters that give more creative freedom to users by either adding some subsequent interactions or ability to change some of the filter's settings. Some developers are adding different options and variations for better self-expression and visual adaptation. Some filters might not work perfect for something, but with more degree of control, users can make them match difference scenes, clothing, faces, places, etc.

You are Given the Virtual Settings

Still, the goal is to make the filter simple enough and let the users tell the story and invent their own creative visual presentation and interpretation that they want to share. In that aspect, 'Perforated Wall' kind of bars you into a certain dramatic act. This isn't something undesired, as with some filters, the goal is to give you the right virtual setting that would be hard to design in real life and make you put your own act into it.

I think a great name for this filter would have been 'The Blair Witch Effect' LOL. OK, now seriously, I think that none of the pictures here will do this filter justice. but some good-old acting that complements this beautiful scene that the developer of this filter has created for us.

I highly recommend following the developer of this filter and trying it out. I know that some of you will make some hilarious clips with it, that's fine as well, but let's see if you can pull out some convincing acting right there. Good luck!

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