The Three Mouths Face Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 30, 2019 | Filter name: "The Three Mouths"

Filter creator: Piotar Boa (@piotar_boa)

Duplicating face parts is trending like wildfire. I've already seen some amazing surreal art on Instagram that blew me away. It doesn't take too much to make something visually appealing, confusing and interesting to watch. A few duplications of either eyes, noses, or mouths and I'm pretty sure you'll be captivated by those images and videos. In this review, we'll take a closer look at Piotar Boa's 'The three Mouths' Insta face mask. A filter that transforms your face into trippy collage art.

The Three Mouths IG 3D makeup filter

In fact, the cool thing about AR face duplication or if replicated in image editing is that even if the effect is the same (e.g. replicating eyes), it leads to interesting and refreshing results every time. I've seen images that used the same filter but for me, it was interesting seeing it on different faces of humans or animals. Some surreal artists use image editing because not all the features they want or need are achievable using current Spark AR technologies. Sometimes you want more precise control over the artistic results and image or video editing is the way to achieve that. Face part duplication can be easily achieved using photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and artists can further retouch and finalize the work.

Having said that, you need to have a creative and artistic vision to produce some mesmerizing artworks that will captivate viewers.  There are several digital artists that I follow on Instagram, one of them is @surreal_nomade on Instagram that uses replication and produces some amazing digital art pieces. I personally love the ones used with animal pictures, they look amazing.

Duplicated mouth Instagram face filter effect

A few days ago I tried Chris Pel's Spider Eyes IG face mask. That filter was inspired by Surreal Nomade's work, the one the digital artist I've mentioned above. He created a filter that duplicated the eyes, two times above the original eyes and one below for a surrealistic facial appearance. Also on March, I tried an Instagram filter called Les Yeux (the eyes in French) by Jade Rache, which creates another set of eyes above your real eyes.

Piotar Boa also joins the surrealistic facial appearance trend with his filter 'The Three Mouths'.

'The Three Mouths' does three things: it resizes and duplicates the mouth two times underneath your current mouth and enlarges your eyes. To make room for the three months, the filter shrinks your nose and make it smaller.

The results are interesting weird looking face. I'm sure that many who are not into surreal art and don't see many bizarre things every day will find these images to be totally weird, confusing and captivating to watch. 

Even if you see many of these types of deformed portrait pictures, it still captivate your mind, it makes you carefully observe and inspect the images. there is something about the deformation of the human face that captivates your mind.

It might be something in the brain that triggers those unexplained reactions, I mean, I don't know yet how to explain them.  That is, of course, true not just for human faces, but the impact of those for me was greater than other types of surreal artworks that I've seen. It doesn't mane that I found others less enthralling, but the human face deformation had a more prominent effect on me.

Surrealistic art image of two women with three mouths using Instagram AR filter

It's important to mention that any mouth gesture is replicated to the other two mouths, after all, this is the same mouth from the camera stream, just digitally replicated and relocated.

I love using this filter, and it does produce some very impressive results. The design of the mouths, their reduces size is perfect to match the human's face shape which gets narrower toward the chin. It's one of those filters that will contribute to countless more surreal selfie images and videos on Instagram. The cool thing about having it as an Insta Augmented Reality (AR) filter is that everyone can use it, no need for photo editing skills and you can also make cool videos with it and easily share it on Instagram.

Well done Piotar Boa, you delivered an incredible filter yet again. Can't wait for your future filters. Follow Piotar Boa to unlock this filter and use it in the Instagram app for iOS and Android—Have Fun!

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P.S. The filter works on two faces at the same time.

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