'The Matter' Shape-shifting Virtual Substance — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 29, 2019 | Filter name: "The Matter"

Filter creator: omega.c

I remember when omega.c teased that filter, while he was still working on it, wow I wanted to try it. Finally, an hour ago, it was time—"The Matter" Instagram filter was released to the world and I was so excited.

If you follow my reviews, you know that I love surreal art, I want to be confused, I am fed up of pure reality, I want to be stimulated with the unnatural, the different, the unknown.

Creating beautiful organic-looking animations is nothing new to omega.c. I've tried his Crystal Tentacles filter and it's great seeing omega.c continuing his creative filter style and coming up with some more fantastic visual presentations.

'The Matter' is an original and mesmerizing IG filter. You need to use the rear-facing camera, this is not a face filter. Once you tap the screen, the filter spawns a mysterious-looking shape-shifting liquid-like "virtual substance". That material refracts the light and produces a mesmerizing outlandish scene. it' feels unfamiliar, it floats in mid-air, it's something unfamiliar—I have never encountered something like that.  Is it just material or an alien lifeform? Does it have conscious?

If it was in space, I would understand, but this is nothing like anything else, it might come from outer space. Now back to reality, this is exactly the type of thoughts and feelings I wanted to endure using this filter. Omega.c used beautiful liquid animations and the unique shape-shifting design made all the difference in the world in that piece of 3D art. The filter read the camera stream and uses the image to produce a watery foamy transparent material that likes reflecting the lights of its surroundings.

The Matter Instagram filter

What we perceive as realistic reflections, made the virtual 3D object appear as it exists in the real world. Reflections, shadows, estimated lighting, occlusion and collision with physical objects are some of the properties that can make a virtual object appear like it is part of the real world.  Here, in this filter, the reflections are what makes the 3D object seem like it is part of the physical world and that's the beauty of it.

In some ways, I felt like we got to a point where we humans realized a technology that can give the virtual its physical properties and whatever we can design, we can bring to life in reality., not in augmented reality, but in real life. Well, we are not there yet, what's digital is still digital, yet I still let my imagination fly. In the image above, I felt like this is the first virtual object that was between the virtual and material that appeared in our world. It's like a matter from another dimension, living in our world but its existent belongs to another realm. It leaves outside of the space and time as we know it, and it can project itself in and out of our reality.

Yes, I dream, a fantasize, and with these type of filters, I allow myself to fantasize even more. It's trippy and fascinating looking at this incredible art and allow myself to think about the so many things we don't know about our own universe and then so many unanswered questions come to mind.  I got the same feeling when I saw the image of the black hole. It was blurry, unclear, yet with my limited knowledge in the field, I let my mind fly. Even without having answers to important questions, like are there are other intelligent beings in the universe?—I just let myself enjoy that thought. Maybe in my life, I won't get any answer to this question and others, but I can still dream, fantasize and enjoy those thoughts.

a mysterious-looking shape-shifting liquid material

Using this filter made me feel like I am inside a Sci-fi AR movie. It reminds me of some scenes from movies that I've seen. Scenes of space explorers encountering an alien lifeform or strange space anomalies. Who says we need to watch a long movie to get that mesmerizing and exciting feeling of wonder, we can have it right here right now with this little Instagram filter.

You see, not everything need to make sense. There are so many things in this world that don't make any sense. Sometimes we need to get out of this sensible place to open our mind to new ideas and thoughts. Using "The Matter" help me meditate to that place where I can swim in my dreams and when I switch back, I felt like I was traveling to another place and just came back. No undesired substance needed, just an Instagram filter like 'The Matter' and an open mind.

One of the other things that I liked about this filter is using in areas with a variety of colors. I like the drop down glittering light effect a lot, it wrapped the visual experience with a mysterious atmosphere. The only thing that was missing for me was sound, but I can have my own externally on the phone if I want to. The reflection material used appear pixelated for obvious reasons, because it was made using the camera live image stream, it's not real optical reflection after all. The glittering light effect was also pixelated and that hurt the realism and impair the effect a bit.

After I finished playing with my cinematic director skills (like I have ones), I spend time to play with it more creatively and create some interesting digital art, as I do with most filters. I am Photoshopping image and my own reality in augmented reality using these amazing filters. 

'The Matter' by omega.c is a fantastic filter that I'm sure that it'going to yield some incredible images and videos. It's great for videos because of the way the 3D object is animated. It's designed well to make it easy to take pictures and videos with it. You can easily position the object, "play with it" with your finger, resize it using pinch gestures, tapping to replace it and it moves with the camera as you move. At one time I was recording a video where I put it on my hand and I moves with it, it was pretty cool.

Follow omega.c and get this filter, it's novel in its visual presentation, it's one of a kind and looks amazing in Augmented Reality (AR)—Have Fun!

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