How to Play Flying Face (Flappy Bird) Game — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 27, 2019 | Filter name: "Flying Face"

Filter creator: dvoshansky

I've been asked how to find, get and play Flying Face (Flappy Bird) on Instagram? A game that also referred to by others as blinking insta game, flappy bird blink, Instagram blink game. It's a Flappy Bird play-a-like game with blink gameplay mechanics. To find and get 'Flying Face', what you need to do is to either click the effect link that leads directly to the effect or follow Dvoshansky's Instagram account in order to unlock the filter.

However, there are two differences between the two. The direct link with the effect Id will only let you get the filter temporarily, whether following @dvoshansky either via or through the Android or iOS Instagram app will make the filter available permanently in Instagram app. I recommend following dvoshansky's profile as this also gives you the option to view and use his previous filters, effects, and masks, not just the Flappy Bird one. Also, when dvoshansky released a new filter, you'll have it available in the filter drawer as well, so it's a big plus. This is also a way to support the AR creator efforts and motivates developers to continue making amazing Instagram filters, effects, masks, and of course games, like Flying Face.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to find, unlock and play Dvoshansky's Flying Face Instagram filter (Flappy Bird-like Insta game).

How to get Flying Face filter on Instagram?

We'll start with how to find and get the Flying Face filter by following Dvoshansky.

  1. Follow Via browser - If you use a browser, visit dvoshansky's Instagram profile page on and tap the 'Follow' button. Make sure you are logged in to Instagram so you'll have the follow button available. If it says 'Following', this means you are already following this profile so you can proceed to step 3. 
  2. Follow Via Instagram app - If you want to follow dvoshansky through the Instagram app. Open the Instagram app on your iOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android phone or tablet. Tap the search button (magnifying glass icon) at the bottom of the app. Tap the 'search' field at the top of the window. Tap 'Accounts' and write 'dvoshansky'. You should now see a profile called 'dvoshansky' at the top of the list, tap it. Now tap the 'Follow' button.
  3. Open the Instagram app - One you followed dvoshansky, open your Instagram app on your Android or iOS mobile device. If it isn't installed, search either Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) and Install the official Instagram app on your device. Once it's installed, launch the app.
  4. Open the camera section - Now you need to access the camera app within the Instagram app. Tap the home button to go to the main screen. Now locate the camera icon at the top-left side of the screen. Tap it to access the built-in camera app.
  5. Access the filter drawer - the filter drawer is the list of filters. In the camera app, look for the smiley icon on the bottom-right side and tap it. This will open the filter list.
  6. Locate the game's icon - Search for Flying Face filter icon in the filter's drawer (see image below). It should appear on the left side, one of the filters on the left. If you already followed dvoshansky, there is a chance that this icon will appear anywhere in the list, but in general, new filters that you've just unlocked will appear on the left.
  7. Tap to play - the last step is just tapping on Flying Face game's icon to start playing Flappy Bird game as Insta filter inside the Instagram app.
  8. Have Fun!

Here is the image showing the icon of the game Flying Face.

Flying Face filter icon

The other option is to access the filter directly via a link. Here's how to do it.

  1. Make sure you browse this page using your mobile phone where the Instagram app is installed. If you don't have the Instagram app installed, install it.
  2. Then click this link, which will launch the 'Flying Face' filter directly. Once you open this link, it will show the filter in your Instagram app directly.

Keep in mind that these steps only unlock the filter temporarily and you won't be able to see previous filters by Dvoshansky not get future ones. This is why I do recommend following his profile and have Flappy Bird Insta game available for your permanently in the IG filter list and get access to all of the other filters.

How to play Flappy Bird on Instagram?

If you followed the instructions above, you now have Flying Face / Flappy Bird Insta filter available in the Instagram app. So how to play the game?

The game is very simple. Make sure you face the selfie camera (Front-facing camera). Tap the screen to start playing. The Flappy Bird character is controlled via blinking with your eyes. I tried single-eye blinking, but it best work when you blink with your two eyes. Continue blinking to maintain altitude. Every blink will make the bird fly up on the vertical axis. If you stop blinking, the bird will be pulled down by gravity.

If the bird collides with the obstacles or touches the bottom of the screen, it's game over. In the end, you'll see your total score and have time to take a screenshot or record a video. You can do this also during the game of course by tapping the record button. If it's comfortable for you, you can download a screen recorder app to record everything on video and have your hands free from holding the camera button for video recording.

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Instagram filter game

Is there a Global Leaderboard in Flying Face Insta game?

No. What I recommend is to create a story with your total score and tag dvoshansky in it (use @dvoshansky in the description). This way, dvoshansky can see the shared post and might add you to the 'Flying Face Top' story. An Instagram story he opened on Instagram. You can send even low scores or even funny videos playing Flying Face, and they might be featured there.

Hopefully, in the future, a global leaderboard will be an integrated feature in Spark AR. Maybe it exists in the platform but I didn't come across yet.

This is it. I hope now you know how to find, get and unlock and play Flying Face / Flappy Bird-like Insta filter on the Instagram app. I hope you enjoy and have fun. Don't forget to share this post with other people who don't know how to locate the game and play it. Thanks.

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How to Play Flying Face (Flappy Bird) Game