Surrealistic Hand Covering Face Pose — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 22, 2019 | Filter name: "ZEYES"

Filter creator: Hongwei Tang (@hongwei_tang)

Honestly, I am getting dizzy from all the amazing and inspiring filters released this week this review we'll take a look at a filter called "ZEYES" (Cool name) by Hongwei Tang. According to the creator's official website, Hongwei Tang is a Vienna-based multidisciplinary Art Director, Photographer and Creative Coder.

The website mentioned services of art direction, brand identity, brand curation, photography, webdesign, editorial design, storytelling, UI/X and more. After reading a bit about it on the website and seeing some of the artistic work on the Instagram page I was excited to try this "ZEYES" filter out. I always enjoy getting some background information about the artist and seeing the art direction and where people get their inspiration from.

"ZEYES" is a kind of a surrealistic Instagram filter that places a drawn hand that covers part of the face and replicates the eye two times, one above the right eye and one below it. The eyes carry the original eye's look from the camera's stream. This means that if you blink, the other two eyes will blink as well—Cool!

Artistic face palm Instagram face mask

I was Googling to see whether it is tights to any recent trend. I came across an article called "Fashion trend: What's up with people covering their face?".  So apparently, and it's good to know, that people covering their faces is actually an ongoing trend and why we see more people covering their faces on social media.

In the article, you can read some of the speculated reasons why this phenomenon happens. For example, to look super cool, expressing their exasperation with a facepalm, show of their rings, etc. It's definitely an interesting way to express oneself.  If you look at this page on Pinterest titled "expressive hands and face", you can see some interesting artistic examples.

I was going through many of those images, and I realized the importance of those hand gestures to empose certain types of emotion feedback. For example, when you cover your eyes with two hands opened, it shows a feeling of someone who is sad. If people put their hands on their mouth with the hand wide open, it means they are maybe shocked or surprised.

Some of the pictures that I've seen, those with a more artistic approach have the hands positioned in non-spontaneous ways. By that, I mean that when you see the hand pose, you know that it's not something that you do, sometimes automatically, when expressing different emotions.

For example, yesterday I forgot about doing something important, and I put my hands against my forehead. Nobody was near me, I was all alone, still, I did that hand gestures. Something interesting to think about, right?

ZEYES Instagram filter

Now back to our filter.  "ZEYES" was definitely designed with an artistic intention in mind. The hand is located in a non-natural spontaneous position. Second, it's drawn and drawn in non-natural hand colors. Third, it's cut off by the wrist. Forth, the right eye is replicated and fifth, when you tap on the screen, it colors your real eyes in black. This delivers a more surrealistic, artistic and stylish look. I've also seen how many people used it, and it was designed to deliver a cool fashion statement rather than a different emotional state.

Aside from that, there is that feeling of something physical touching your face when you see a hand covering it. Yes, it's just a virtual hand, but you get that sensation like something physical is there, kind of something that weighs over your face, a slight tingling touch without being physically touched. You might experience it differently, it's my mind that generates that feeling after all—Is something wrong with me? mmm...I guess not.

I've tried somewhat similar surrealistic Instagram AR filters before and I liked most of them. Some of the ones that I really liked are multiple eyes Instagram filter by Chris Pelk, and this surreal selfie reflection Insta mask by Una Blue—both are just brilliant.

Stylish hand cover face artistic AR filter

I am seeing more and more AR artists going with the surrealistic art direction for their filters. They definitely get a lot of attention on social media and many people, from what I read on Instagram, love using them and pose with them. By the way, "ZEYES" sounds like "Zeiss" right, like in Carl Zeiss, the German manufacturer of optical systems and lenses—Do you think it's a coincidence?

I liked ZEYES Instagram filter as many of the surrealistic Augmented Reality filters that I've tried in the past week. Each one of them has its own unique art direction and style, each one fascinates you in a different way. I also enjoy seeing different filters that encourage me to learn more about current fashion and art trends in general, and I enjoy seeing how AR artists mixed those fashion trends in AR in many creative and immersive ways. 

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Surrealistic Hand Covering Face Pose