Metallic Android Face Lift Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 22, 2019 | Filter name: "Android"

Filter creator: Tom Martin-Davies (@tmdanimation)

Yesterday was an amazing day, I tried out many cool filters. I also came across a filter called "Android" by Tom Martin-Davies (@tmdanimation), a 3D & augmented reality artist on Instagram and Snapchat.  This "Android" mask is quite similar in its effect to Nazareth Carrero's Robotic Face IG mask and Marc Wakefield's Love Machine Instagram mask.

As you know me, when I review filters, I also want to share some ideas and inspire AR creators, companies and brands to create awesome things. When I start using this "Android" filter, one thing that came into mind is how to use this type of animation (face opening) to deliver unique experiences for brands—so I thought about one. We'll talk about it in a moment, but first, let's take a look at how this Instagram Android face mask looks like.

"Android, reveal yourself!"—Android: "Hello! :)"

Instagram face mask of a metallic Android face revealed underneath the skin

Kinder Surprise AR Egg Face!

In all of those filters, you have your skin appears to like it is lifted up and then an Android face is revealed underneath it. I love this effect. For me, it was like an augmented reality facial surprise egg. This is why I actually wish there was kind of a filter that would make the face look like a chocolate egg and then the user taps on it or do a facial gesture and it breaks and reveals a random surprise. This can be a really cool idea for an Instagram filter for easter eggs. If I was Kinder, I would make a Kinder Surprise Instagram filter with that idea in mind. Making a cracking animation with the delicious sound of the chocolate egg cracking and then an animated character appears, again, in random, so it can be a surprise.

The Kinder Surprise chocolate egg breaks in two, so I thought about having the face split up in two as well to reveal the surprise.  I let Kinder imagine how to perfectly implement it.

Frame Controlled Animation

Alright, back to our "Android" filter. One of the things that I liked about this filter the most, is the frame-controlled animation of the parts of the face that lifts up. The face-opening happens when users open their mouth. The amount of which those leads are opened depends on how large you open your mouth. If you open it just a little bit, the face will be lifted just slightly, and if you open it all up, the entire metallic Android face will be revealed.

It's fun playing with it, opening the mouth to different sizes and see that opening 3D animation being controlled by facial gestures. It's fun being in control over the animation with the face. Usually, we do that with our hands, but for a selfie face mask, this is a fantastic idea. Especially if it's not just to trigger an animation, but actually control it.

People with metallic Android Instagram face mask

If you try out there other filters that I've linked above, you can see that when you open your mouth, the animation is automatic. The face opens up. You still have control over the animation when you close your mouth, but not about the degree which controls the animation frame. I actually felt like playback button myself using this Instagram face mask, LOL.

Regarding the looks of the Android face, it's nice because it's a 3D mask that shows your real facial expressions. Just instead of with your real face texture, with a metallic silver one. The other robotic face mask that I've tried had a 3D model of a robotic figure implemented instead of the face itself. I like both ideas, each one is different and interesting in its own way.

I personally would have loved seeing some kind of complex futuristic Android face like the one in the movie "I Robot" (2004, featuring Will Smith). Seeing some lights movement, and kind of semi-transparent look with some sound effects. But overall, this filter looks great.

If you notice the face opening leads, you can see that rear cover inherits the real face texture, not a metallic one. I personally think that having a metallic material for the inner part would make it look more authentic. It looked a bit odd seeing the face appear in the back part. Nonetheless, it didn't take away from my enjoyment and when it comes to artistic design, everyone has its own art direction and how they want to make their filter look.

I definitely recommend trying out this great IG face mask and also try out the other ones, including Nazareth Carrero's Robotic Face IG mask and Marc Wakefield's Love Machine Instagram mask—all are fantastic!

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to share this review if you enjoyed it and try the filter yourself.

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Metallic Android Face Lift Mask