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Published on May 21, 2019 | Filter name: "spidereyes"

Filter creator: Chris Pelk (@chrispelk)

In this review, we'll take a look at SpiderEyes filter by Chris Pelk.  According to its developer, this surrealistic and artistic Instagram face filter was inspired by Surreal Nomade (@surreal_nomade) artworks. If you look at this profile, you can find an endless number of fantastic images of people and animals with multiple eyes—and by that, I mean more than two.

This filter follows the same multiple sets of eyes concept. It replicates both of your eyes four times. So essentially, you get four more eyes above your current tones and two more underneath them. 8 wasn't chosen by random, as this is the number of eyes of a spider.

Spider eyes Instagram filter

I love this effect and I remember spending a lot of time on Surreal Nomade Instagram profile page. I was enjoying all those amazing looking creatures, *cough*, I mean people and animals. I especially love the ones that are shown on animals like cute kittens, pigs, etc. There are some really crazy ones and my favorite ones are those of the cats. The one that is called Trippy Kitty's 1,2 or 3 posts is just bloody brilliant.

Some of the visual replication isn't just for eyes, for example, teeth in the mouth and others are more abstract and things just get creepier as you browse through those images. However, most of the art is based on eye replication and it delivers very interesting surreal looks of animals and people. We are used to seeing animals as they are, and it's amazing how you feel once you come across an image of an animal or a person, even if the only change is just the amount of eyes in the photo.

Eyes have a strong direct impact on how we analyze human's emotions. Seeing so many eyes kind of confused me. I felt that I try to analyze those eyes, to receive more understanding of the human's emotion but because of that replication, I got a bit confused. There is also the part where the eyes of two people or animals connect, where different emotions are ignited, some of them we have less control of.

You probably know the game where two people need to look at each other's eyes and the first one that laughs loses. Well, how many times you have played that game and couldn't stay serious for even a few seconds.  How long can you stare at someone before you start feeling uncomfortable yourself from that eye meetup? It's the same principle.

Two women with spider eyes Instagram filter

If you look at the images posted here, you can see that all the duplicated eyes are smaller than the real ones. I actually took some time to look at some real spider images to see how the eyes look like. Of course, the arrangement is different, but I did notice that in many spider species, there are two big eyes and the other ones look smaller. 

I tried different duplication IG filters and some of them were very provoking and interesting to look at. For example, this rotating face expression 3D mask by exitsimulation, this multiple face mask called "monologue" by the same AR creator, exitsimulation. I also tried a similar Instagram filter face called Les Yeux (eyes in French), developed by Jade Roche. This filter replicates the eyes one type (a total of four eyes) and positions them underneath your real eyes.

That being said, implementing the replication so you have more eyes on the face, the way they are resized and positioned on the face, and the assimilation to spider eyes—all help produced a more impactful, surrealistic, emotional visual experience.

The eyes are arranged in parallel to the real eyes. So the left replicated eyes react to what your left eye does and vice versa. If you blink with the left eye, all the left eyes will blink, same goes to the right eye.

One of the things that were missing for me was the option to apply this multi-eye Instagram filter for animals like cats and dogs. I tried it and it didn't work. I don't recall Instagram having animal face detection, but I assume that if it had, the developer would make it work on animals as well. I actually like the Alien-ish transformation on animals better than it looked on humans.

Just for a comparison purpose, here is an image of eyes of a real spider. I get for watching images of spiders myself, so I found one that looks kind of cute, so you won't get chills yourself, I  hope you won't.

Image of a real spider with multiple eyes

Cute, isn't it? Told you.

Speaking of multiple eyes, there are some really cool makeup artists that used this technique with some amazing results. Although this does look a bit creepy because they are not animated and they make the face look like the face of, excuse me, a dead person. Well, it depends on the implementation. For example, I really liked the distinguished appearance of Ezra Miller who wore multiple sets of eyes for Met Gala 2019. This was a really fascinating theatrical appearance that caught the attention of the media and got tons of reactions from those who attended the show and those who saw it online.

Multiple sets of eyes seem like a big trend now in the makeup business and now on Instagram using Augmented Reality (AR). It's amazing how long this trend will last. After all, we are just talking about more eyes on a face of a person or animal. I have to admit that this fascinating me from the first time I've seen it and I can tell you that after viewing hundreds if not more of these type of images, I still get excited. 

I mean, I can get bored pretty quickly seeing many images of animals, but with those eyes, I just kept browsing and browsing and never got enough of it. It's like every single one of those animals became a new specie that I haven't seen before. Even if it was an image of yet another different cat, it looks different. This is how prominent eyes are to how we perceive living being around us.

Multiple set of eyes AR effect

I also saw a TV show yesterday about a really cool-looking exotic bird. It was a male trying to find a female bird. Once the female bird appeared, it turned into a big head with two big cyan-colored eyes and mouth—it was absolutely insane. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Even in nature, eyes play a significant survival mechanism role. I've seen some small insects that have wings with big eyes to make them look like owls so bigger predators won't think about eating them or just get confused that its another animal.

What I am saying that our reaction to eyes is probably something embedded into our genes. I am not an expert on this, but I do know that the impact on eyes on other living beings have a strong impact on us.

This is maybe the explanation for the long-lasting experience, one that you just can't have enough from.  I wish there was an emotion translation app that will explain to me exactly what I feel now, because honestly, I had turbulence of emotions, and I got pretty confused.

Bottom line is, it was an amazing experience and one that I won't easily forget. It left some strong impressions and I know that this is not the last time I would see this type of effect on Instagram or other platforms.  If you haven't tried this SpiderEyes filter yet, what are you waiting for—an amazing IG filter!

P.S. Imagine this filter with multiple eye color options.

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