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Published on May 21, 2019 | Filter name: "FLYING FACE"

Filter creator: dvoshansky

I woke up in the morning today to an amazing filter called "Flying Face", which is a Flappy Birds like Instagram game. We've seen a few Instagram game filters before, but one that resembles a popular one like Flappy Birds I yet to see.

So what this "Flying Face" filter is all about? Well, its developer Mikhail Murtazin make a little spin over the original, after all, it's an Instagram filter. So what he did is toying with the controls, so now instead of controlling the bird's vertical movement using tapping on the screen, you control it using blinking. When you blink, the bird moves slightly up vertically.

Flappy Bird-like game Instagram filter

This leads to quite an annoying gameplay to be honest. Now if the game wasn't hard enough, and thus inherits its difficulty, now you need to blink to control the character. You might ask yourself, how can you play a game in which you need to blink? Well, you need to do quick blinks in order to elevate the bird properly to pass through those poles. So you still maintain a clear vision, although blinking with your eyes a lot isn't something that I enjoy doing. In fact, it's very annoying. If you'de ask me what is one of the most annoying controls I can use in a game, before playing this, I wouldn't even think about blinking. Now after playing a Flappy Bird style game with blinking controls, it's definitely one of my top 5 most annoying ways to play a game.

Having said all that, I do think it's a fantastic idea. One that definitely will catch the attention of Instagram users and will probably cause some eye muscle strain to many LOL. 

I am not a fan of the original Flappy Bird arcade mobile game. I mean I tried it, but it took me like a few minutes that this mobile game isn't for me—yes, I was really bad at it. In fact, millions of people were bad at it, but they liked its insane difficulty. After some time you get better and better and enjoy uploading videos of it showing the whole world that you got 5 points. I'm serious, when I got just a few points I thought I am a world champion, but of course, people out there did much better than me, way better.

Flappy Birds was released on May 24, 2013, and the game is available for both Android and iOs.  It's an addicting side-scrolling mobile game featuring 3D retro style graphics. I love retro-style games and this why I was attracted to the game in the first place. When I was in Japan, I spent many hours in those retro gaming stores and enjoyed playing ancients video games there.

I also read that the developer of Flappy Bird eventually removed the game from both the App Store and Google Play as it becomes addictive produce and why the developer decided to take the game down forever. 

Of course, many other games were released, taking on the addicting gameplay but with different visuals.  Some of them even designed in augmented reality and as an App review on AR Critic, I was reviewing two of those games myself.

I wonder how Instagram users will accept this one. It's not the original of course, but I'm sure there are many Flappy Birds game fans that will try every Flappy Bird inspired experience.

There is also a nice cute addition to this particularly inspired version of Flappy Bird is that your face is now attached over the bird's face. I mean, why not, if we already track the face, why not transform you into that bird. A cute idea doesn't look that great but hey, I would do the same and go "Selfie Bird" style (a better name for the game I think).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, you can even play it two people at the same time (two birds!). I don't have anyone near me to try it, but it is a really cool feature to have in a game. I'm sure it will look funny on videos, seeing two people blinking like crazy while playing a game. Some people might not understand that correctly, and that's the funny thing about it. Can't wait to see those videos of people playing "Flying Face", it's going to be hilarious!

Also, imagine that game happening on your face, I would love that.

Well, it's definitely worth trying out and I'm quite sure that many of you will click that try button below without even thinking for a second, so go for it, it is entertaining and definitely worth trying out—Have Fun!

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