Virtual AR Fairy Costume — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 20, 2019 | Filter name: "Enchanted Fairy"

Filter creator: Igor Saringer (@igorsaringer)

In this review, we are going to take a look at "Enchanted Fairy" Instagram filter by Igor Saringer.  This filter is an Augmented Reality (AR) costume of a fairy. It renders beautiful little angel wings, a nice bouquet of flowers on your head and a little purple heart on your right cheek. You can remove and replace the flower bouquet by tapping on the screen interchangeably. Of course, because it's in AR, it fits anyone, toddlers, kids, adults, women, and men.

Enchanted Fairy isn't the first filter that I've tried that spawns wings behind the user's back. Angel Wings IG filter by Junji Suzuki was also one that I've previously tried. One of the main differences is that with the "Angel Wings" custom filter, the wings are animated and in "Enchanted Fairy" they are not. I've kind of missed that animation in this filter, it looks nice when the wings are animated than just being fixed in place.

Enchanted fairy costume Instagram AR filter

Virtual Augmented Reality Costumes

When using this type of Instagram filter that goes beyond just putting an AR mask on your face, it makes you think about the future of this technology. Yes, I am talking about full body Augmented Reality virtual costumes that people can wear for holidays, events and fashion parties. For example Up Helly Aa fire festival in the UK (men in Viking costume), Cosplay (コスプレ) events like Osaka Cosplay Street Festival in Nipponbashi, Osaka, Japan. the one in Osaka, Bestival at Isle of Wight in the UK, Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, Navratri festival in India, Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in New York City, Wave-Gotik-Treffen Leipzig in Germany, Venice Carnival in Italy, Burning Man in Nevada USA, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Correfoc in Palma de Mallorca, Shambala Festival in the UK, and Comic-Con among many others.

Two women wearing augmented reality fairy costume with wings and flower head bouquet

Imagine also having an augmented reality enhanced wedding where both the bride and the groom wear AR costumes and the attendees can see it using AR glasses. Imagine that wedding with cool digital effects, 3d objects, and animations that designed to enhance the experience and make it very unique and special.

I have on doubt that this will happen. The distance between a selfie IG filter that you try on your phone and a full AR costume is very small. Many of the needed technologies are already here it's just having people try to enhance big events using Augmented Reality and take those events to a whole new level. If that was implemented right now, people will need to experience it through their mobile phones. However, in a few years time, we can use AR glasses to comfortably walk through the street and enjoy this type of AR-enhanced costume events without holding anything, just walking and enjoying that amazing show.

I was in Osaka Cosplay Street Festival two times in the past, both in 2018 and 2019. I had a blast, but I always thought about how it would be like if I was wearing mixed reality glasses and able to experience that event with complementary AR artwork. Same goes to Comic-Con.

If you are attending such a costume-based event, wouldn't you install the app that gives you the option to enhance the experience?—I bet most will.

This AR fairy costume Instagram filter inspired me to think about how we will experience these types of diverse costume festivals all around the world. Seeing people dressing up using physical costumes but also having digital enhancements created for them.

augmented reality fairy wings, IG filter

I remember seeing Overwatch Cosplay show and I imagined how it would be like if we could have seen some cool digital visual effects alongside the physical costume—that would be so awesome.  Not that I don't like it as it is, but believe me, once you experience an AR-enhanced costume show, regular shows will start feeling kind of lacking. Once you made an AR-enhanced costume event, there is no way back.

It's the same reason so many people enjoy using Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram filter, and other types of AR-enhanced app. It's not just fun sharing it on yourself but also very entertaining for other people to see it. Maybe we are going to have options for viewers to further customize and personalize their viewing experience in these types of AR costume shows because it's virtual, everything is possible.

Some of the enhancement can also include changing the hair color, hairstyle, eye color, clothing colors, virtual accessories, adding particle effects, enhanced sounds, optical illusions, multiplication, morphing the stage or arena, making people virtually lifted up in the air (smart fill with replication), etc. When I say everything is possible, I mean it. So many things that you can't even think about right now, are possible. Think about the latest sci-fi movie that you've seen in the cinema. There will be people who will be directing those shows so they turn the place you are at to something completely different. The only thing is that the place is still there, just modified, unlike virtual reality where the entire scene is virtual.

Now I talked about costume shows, but this isn't limited to just costume events, this can be in Opera shows, Music events, a casual night hangout in an augmented reality bar (I can't wait for someone to do that!), etc. In fact, every experience can be amplified and enhanced using augmented reality, but of course, there are some that are a better fit than others.

There is More Than Meets the Eye

After I took you to a little trip of what can be done and what ultimately will happen, let's go back to our little Fairy costume filter. I think that now you can understand why I get excited about seeing these type of filters.

In my mind, I already inhabit that place that I partly described above. I already see the potentialities and what we are going to experience in the future to come. I take a walk in that world, and my mind constantly feels that world with so many imaginable mixed reality experiences. I partially live in a world that doesn't yet exist, but it excites me and I want to be there, experiencing it in real life not just in my mind.

I used this fairy costume filter so when you try it out and read my article, you'll be able to imagine it and see that wondrous world for yourself and all the opportunities. I want to inspire, let people see many of the possibilities and I spread those ideas, thoughts, and opinions through my filter reviews.

This is the main reason I created this blog. Because my mind is already there, in the future, almost every filter that I tried sparks up ideas, visions, and thoughts. Even something that I already familiar with, can sparkle a thought about something new that I haven't thought about before.

So yes, it is a simple Instagram filter but it holds more than it meets the eye and all you need is to ride the magic wagon and dream. About the design, I also liked the short wing design, it fits a selfie distance so you can see the entire structure of the wings. I also liked the shattered design, it tells a little story, it evokes emotions and thoughts and looks more visually interesting compared to other filters that I've tried.

I hope you enjoy our little trippy trip. If you did, please don't forget to share it so more people can get inspired. In every review I write, I will share more thoughts, insights, ideas and my opinion in that future world that not too far in the future, it will be part of our daily life. Thanks for reading.

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