Glued Face Pearls AR Makeup — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 19, 2019 | Filter name: "BriePearls"

Filter creator: Christian Venables (@csavenables)

I've been reading a bit about the gluing pearls trend on the Internet before trying out this filter myself. From what I've read, gluing pearls on the face is a current makeup trend. If you browse through Instagram, I'm sure you'll find plenty of makeup artists and makeup trendsetters that tried it at least once. I've seen many beauty bloggers try it and share their opinion about it.

Today I've tried a filter called "BriePearls", which is a collaboration between Christian Venables and Brie Larson (Instagram: @brielarson), therefore its name "BriePearls". This filter seems to be inspired by that makeup trend that I think has its roots in 2017 but I'm not 100% sure. Now, you can use this type of wearable glued pearl jewelry s as a filter and try it out yourself without actually gluing anything on you.

glued pearls makeup Instagram filter

This pearl 3D makeup mask carries a beautiful bride mask design. Look like a design that you'll wear for an important event, like a wedding.  The pearls are scattered beautifully around the forehead, nose and eye area in different sizes. The AR creator added some nice glowing sparkling effect and some shining stars glimmer foreground effect. When you open your mouth your eyes will sparkle as well. One other option is to long tap to add another set of pearls in the forehead area, try it out.

There are also some color filters that are applied to the entire image—subtle ones that allow you to get a slightly different look and feel and help to match the overall look to your makeup or background.

Now, I am not one that follows makeup trends, but for this filter, wanted to read more and learn more about makeup trends. The main reason is that with that augmented reality Insta filters around, many of us wear AR makeup, both mand, and women. We use those IG face masks as a way to override or enhance our appearance. The main difference is that we now use virtual materials. We have the creative freedom to both create and try-on that virtual cosmetic overlays that we find that makes us looks best, or use them for entertainment or other types of purposes.

You Are No Longer in Control of How Others See You

Think about it for a second. Using virtual makeup means that you can change the makeup every given second. You can change to other makeup styles any given second. Same can be said of course to your hairstyle, hair color, face shape, eye colors and anything else that can be digitally overridden using digital measures.

The physical material exists because as for right now, this is the way to allow others to see you wearing it without the need for any special device. It's also visible to anyone and once you put it, it becomes an unseparated part of you, like a mask.  Imagine people wearing virtual makeup and relying on other people of using a device to see it. It's a nice thought, but then you are relying on an external device of some sort for people to see you as you want to be seen. Right now, this is mainly used online on social networks, because this is the way to allow others to see you, and you are in control of how they see you at any given time.

Two women wearing virtual pearls IG makeup

Even so, being in the augmented reality filter for a long time and trying out so many AR experiences and IG/Facebook filters, I can definitely see that people enjoy using AR 3D makeup and masks. If there was an option for people to only see the virtual mask at all times, they would use the virtual alternative. Why? because of the creative options, the ease-of-use, the option to change the virtual makeup (accessories, hairstyle, eye color, etc) at any given time. It's not messy, it doesn't smear if you cry, you can quickly change the makeup to something else, have it automatically personalized based on the person in front of you, quickly customize and change parts of it to your liking, etc.

Yes, there are tons of benefits of using virtual makeup compared to the physical equivalent. The problem is that if you decide to go without makeup, you know that there will be some people who will see you without it. Furthermore, even if we look at the current technology development like Mixed Reality Glasses, you still rely on the other side to use an app that enables seeing that particular makeup you've chosen to wear. Not just that, other people can use any virtual transformation, filter, mask, and makeup of their choice In fact, in the mixed reality world, you don't have control over how you are going to look by others.

You can found yourself in a situation where, you will ask your friend to see you with a certain look that you've previously customized, but nothing guaranteed that you'll this is how you'll be seen. There can be a person who decided to use a filter that makes everyone around that person look like they are without clothes. A filter or an app that uses machine learning to quite authentically, digitally strip everyone around you. I don't have any doubts that someone will make such a filter sooner or later.

This is one of the big changes, something changes our perception. We will have no idea how we will look like for other people. In fact, You might look completely different for all the people around you and it's not in your control anymore. One person might decide to make you look like a dragon, you won't even know that. Even your voice can be changed.

This is one of the reasons why I found a filter like "BriePerls" to be exciting. It's not just this filter, but it definitely helped raise some interesting questions. It can be an eye-opener if you just let yourself go on a futuristic trip with it—I did.

Speaking of Mixed Reality glasses, how you are going to take a selfie wearing ones and if you use one, how people can actually see part of your face? This is another important question that technology will eventually solve one way or another. We might have all that advanced technology embedded in eye contacts. Until that happens, right now we are still using mobile phones to augmented 3d makeup and face masks over our faces. AR glasses will be the next stage, but they still won't realize the possibility of replacing current physical makeup with a virtual one.

Customized Pearls 3D Makeup

I took you to a little trip that extends behind that filter. When I use Instagram filters, I always allow my mind to go free and imagine how things would be many years in the future. I try to imagine where those amazing technologies will take us, how they will change our daily routine, how it will affect physical things, how people will adapt to technology changes, etc.

As simple as this Instagram makeup filter is, I did find it to be inspiring and helped me on my trip of imagining future trends and imagining what type of complications we'll have then.

Two models wearing Pearls makeup Instagram filter

In terms of design, I like the design of the pearls on the face, however, I wanted to have customization options. The same that I had with the face piercing Instagram filter. Having customization options is a great thing. First of all, it allows users to create something of their own rather than relying solely on the original creative design. Second, it means that we can see many different looking results on Instagram or Facebook that don't look all the same.

Technically, it is possible, but to what degree I am not completely sure. I've seen how Belson Rebolo implemented it in his piercing AR simulation filter and I really liked that. This is especially important for cosmetics-related filters. People want to try out different colors, combinations, mixed and match like they do with the physical makeup equivalent. There are many augmented reality makeup apps out there that do just that.

Yes, it is "just" an Instagram filter, but having customization options is definitely something I want to see more on Instagram filters. I think that Instagram will add more UI options to allow better controls for that purpose and more AR creators will use that in their filters in the future. I mean, Spark AR creators are creating dynamic games with it so you can see how advanced technology already is.

Aside from that, imagine the amazing advertising potential.  Being able to deliver a customized makeup experience advertisement to users. Imagine the engagement and conversions from interacting with such an ad. It's something that people will want to experience rather than block, get annoyed by or ignore. AR is making a big impact on the advertisement business and this will just grow in the future to come,

It was a long review. I hope that by this time, you will want to try this Pearls makeup filter, not just for a new look but also get a better understanding of the advantages of this amazing technology.

If you enjoy reading this review, please don't forget to share it. This what helps me continue doing what I do—Thank you.

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