Metal Pipe Scrap Hairstyle — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 17, 2019 | Filter name: "Meshed"

Filter creator: Tomás Aciego (@tomas_aciego)

Today I've spent some time browsing through the new Instagram filters shared on Spark AR Community on Facebook. I came across this neat IG face mask called "Meshed" by Tomás Aciego. According to this Spark AR filter creator, the goal was to create a mask with random flickering with lights and lightings. Tomás shared how he achieves that with the community, using loop animation, random modifier, pulse and a conditional statement that controls the green spots of light.

This IG face filter is creative and fun to use. It's kind of metal scrap hair. It makes you look like Medusa with a bad hair day. I like this because it made me and other people look part statues, part human. And yet again, it's fun seeing people being part of the artwork itself.

The face is visible, but the other parts of the head are occluded and the entire metallic pipe mesh replaces that part of the head, including your original hair. This unique design reminded me of the head of the robot girl from the movie Ex Machina. Where the AI robot has her front face but you can see that it's a robot, a machine, as the other parts were without a skin.

Metallic meshed hair Instagram face filter

I actually found this design to be very unique and interesting to work with. I applied it to different images to obtain very interesting results. Aside from the meshed metal pipes that were bent and scrambled to look like hair, your eyes glow and you have that reflective face mask on your face.

I like using Insta filters which I can apply to different images and produce some unique results, rather than one that I just get to experience. I like Instagram filters to be AR filters which I can use to produce my own derived artworks. The more control that I have the better. However, usually this is something that you don't get and you have very little control over the filter's properties.

For example, I wanted to randomize the look of the pipes to produce different hairstyles. I wanted to be able to change the material of the mesh, control it's flexibility and apply different lighting colors. Well, I can go only a small way until my creative options are exhausted, still, I can use image editing to further process it. The thing is that I enjoy having the option to use AR filters to easily apply it to photos and videos and come up with a unique presentation that it would take me a long time to produce using other technologies.

For example, I really liked how the two images above turned out. The right one looked like Medusa, kind of a funny Medusa on a bad hair day and the other one looked more like Ex Machina inspired photo, where a robotic entity interacts with the natural world in a natural human way. I like the end results and this filter was perfect for what I was trying to produce here.

Overall, an interesting looking filter, with nice randomized lighting effect and one that Spark AR creators can be inspired from.

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Metal Pipe Scrap Hairstyle