Futuristic Virtual AR Glasses Prototype — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 17, 2019 | Filter name: "Galaxy Glasses"

Filter creator: Di Buenio (@dibuenio)

Today I tried a cool Instagram filter called "Galaxy Glasses" by Di Buenio. Di is the CEO of Dictator Design, a Brand Design & Visual Communications multiartist. I saw this filter when browsing through the posts on Spark AR Community on Facebook and immediately followed him to try on this filter.

So what made me so excited that I wanted to try this virtual glasses filter so badly? Well, there are a few reasons. The first one is that I am interested in seeing how AR technology can be used to enhance product try-on experiences. Second, the virtual element was futuristic-looking glasses. It made me think about how Apple AR Glasses and those from other leading manufacturers would look like.

Futuristic looking virtual glasses Instagram filter

Di Buenio called this filter "Galaxy Glasses". It fits the filter no doubt about it. First of all, "Galaxy" is a place full of things yet to be discovered and the word itself hints futurism, advanced technologies, etc. It also connected to Samsung's own "Galaxy" brand and made me think about the moment Samsung announced its own Galaxy Mixed Reality eyewear and how would it look like compared to this one.

I also enjoy seeing different concept designs in AR, ones that you can actually try-on yourself and see how they look on you. Artist can go crazy with many unique product designs and it's great that as a user, I actually get to try them on, rather than just seeing how beautiful they look on photos or videos online.

The other thing that caught my attention is the beautiful unique design of these glasses. They are definitely different than any glasses that I've seen before. I'm sure many of you who are more into fashion might have seen something similar, still, I was fascinated by the unique futuristic-looking design.

futuristic fashion glasses in augmented reality

There are two types of glasses that this Instagram filter allows you to try-on. The first one is a beautiful transparent glasses with a nice background colorization effect and animated color effect on your face's skin. The other one is a semi-transparent greyish/metallic glasses without the background colorization effect but with Beauty3000-inspired face cycling-color effect.

Both of the eyewear 3d models look great. The glasses have a frame. but sometimes, depends on the angle it isn't masked correctly and it appears like a broken frame with no temple tip.

I like the presentation in both styles. Both look fashionably cool, modern and uncommon. The rounded asymmetric design looks interesting and doe fit the curve of the human face nicely still.  With the transparent glasses, dancing lighting and color animation effects appear on the lens to give it a shiny plastic (it looked more like plastic than glass to me) look and apply depth cues that allow the viewer to tell its curved shape.

It made me think if those were Apple Augmented Reality glasses, whether I would like this type of design. Obviously, it has to be designed to match many people's faces sized, and a design built around its functionality not just sheer style. Those glasses are pretty huge and cover the most of my nose, not something that I personally would have liked wearing myself. the look more like the transparent glasses that you pull down from a motorcycle helmet, but just styled better. 

I also imagine that if and when Samsung releases its "Galaxy AR Glasses" (or whatever their name will be), Samsung will definitely make something more compact and pocketable as much as possible, for comfort, weight and portability reasons.

It's funny that when I think about glasses, I don't even think about sunglasses or reading glasses anymore, I just think about mixed reality glasses. I'm also looking forward to seeing what Apple, a product design genius will come up with. I've seen some prototype designs that people are coming up with, and it's just interesting to see how close those were to the real product that will be released in the future.

If I look at it not as smart glasses but as just fashion glasses, these are beautiful glasses to look at.  These remind me of the big Dior sunglasses, but with a single lens and an asymmetric design. When I compared the Dior sunglasses to these Instagram filter glasses, something came up.

AR glasses Instagram filter side view

If you look at those images, there is no bridge part that leans against the nose. So how exactly those glasses are going to hold on your face—they are going to fall straight down.  So although these glasses look cool, obviously something is missing here. I'm sure if the bridge part wasn't necessary, it probably wouldn't exist on glasses at all. Anyway, I won't open up this subject too much, just something to notice. I still prefer a sleek and unified design like compared to one with a bridge. I also liked how these Augmented glasses look from the side. I like how the curvature fits the curvature of the face.

It was a fun experience trying out these Galaxy Glasses in augmented reality as an Instagram Filter. It brought up some thoughts, criticism, opinions, and expectations. My mind was racing forward towards the future, trying to see how these stylish Mixed realities (MR) glasses from different manufacturers will look like. I mean, if you look at mobile phones today, most of them look alike.  With glasses, this is a big difference, because people wear them on their face and it's a more prominent fashion accessory compare to a phone.

Galaxy AR glasses, Instagram filter

I wonder how companies like Samsung, Apple, Magic Leap, nLeap, Huawei, Microsoft, LG, and all the other companies will tackle the important aspect of product design in their future AR glasses. I've already seen beautiful looking AR glasses like those from nLeap while finding the Magic Leap One and Microsoft HoloLens 2 to be much less stylish.

In the future, technologies require for AR glasses will continue to be miniaturized and allow companies to produce products that look better and still provide the same exact functionality as before.

Cool filter, I highly recommend trying it out—Have Fun!

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Futuristic Virtual AR Glasses Prototype