Stunning Artistic Fantasy AR Masks — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 15, 2019 | Filter name: "Fantasy"

Filter creator: Martin Borini (@ailaviu)

"Fantasy" Instagram 3D face mask is by far the most visually stunning and impressive piece of face mask art I've tried to date. It's a remarkable visual artistic accomplishment, it just blew me away, I was shocked and unprepared for what I am about to experience.

This brilliant AR face mask boasts not less than 5 different 3D face masks, each one is not less impressive than its predecessor. Not just that, it works on two people at once. Each one using a different mask variation.

Gorgeous artistic fantasy Instagram face masks

I don't even know where to start, maybe because I am still in shock from what I've seen, seriously. I've been reviewing apps, games, and filters for a long time, and I never came across something that was so prominent in its originality, visualization, and creative animation—it blew me away.

OK, breath. This filter called "Fantasy" was made by Martin Borino, a visual artist from Argentina. I read the description of this filter. According to Martin, this journey of his making those masks began 10 years ago in 2009. He designed those to be real masks, and now, after 10 years. He has a long resume showing his long experience in the field of graphics design, lighting, art direction, video editing, and postproduction.

I'm asking myself, how I haven't come across his work previously, even before I start reviewing filters, he is just exploding with talent. I always search for original works, even non-AR related. I am just so happy that I found you.

So now back to our filter. As I mentioned, 5 stunning 3d fantasy face masks. The masks use of lighting effects, particle effects, animations, and beautifully designed drawn art. I just came back from Japan after staying there for 3 months. So these type of masks actually reminds me of some Japanese masks that I've seen there. The masks are so packed with visual elements, that I was actually surprised seeing them running just fine without significant frame drops.

The masks feature different designs including floral, animals and fantastical creatures like unicorns. They are beautifully designed, super colorful but with great visual refinement and elegance. Although a lot is happening on your face, you still can tell the visual elements apart. Some of the visual elements like unicorns in one of the masks are placed in different locations along the z-axis to give the mask a nice 3d depth and make it more interesting to watch as users rotate their heads.

The particle effects are very prominent in these 3d face masks. There are thousands of particles floating in the 3D space, including gorgeous lighting effects that appear from time to time. The filter darkens the camera feed in order to let those effects appear clearly on screen.  In some way, it does create a separation between the real-life scene as seen in the camera feed and the mask. I can understand that being used in a light environment in order to make the effects stand out. But in a dark environment or at night, I would have liked to have the option to decide whether I want to use it or not. 

Having said that, the creator of this filter designed it so, in all masks, the real world lighting appears on the face, lighting it up and allowing the facial expressions to clearly be seen. He masked it differently for each AR mask. The result is that the face lighting is used in a way that it doesn't obstruct the visual effect and make the eye and mouth area more visible.  For example, in one of the masks, the chin area is darkened, while in another one lit up (shows the original lighting from the scene).

Keeping a good balance between the visual effects and the real world lighting is very important for making sure for a compelling visual experience. You need to keep the right balance so the mask won't appear like a complete separated layer from the face or making the face too dark so it's disconnected from the AR mask or worse, cannot be clearly seen.

This is one of the advantages of being able to create segmentation due to the face mesh. It allows developers to light up only parts or the entire face and controlling the brightness of the background separately.

Looks at this sheer mesmerizing beauty of that 3d makeup mask—it's almost unreal how beautiful it is—an absolute ingenious visual jewel in my opinion.

Beautiful fantasy 3d makeup in augmented reality, as IG filter

Sometimes when I used the mask, I felt that the particles were a bit too excessive and it looks like although I was switching masks, once the particles appear they continue like that and not reset (changing from small to larger quantity). I did find out that when you look at another person from the side, it becomes overwhelming because the particles which appear mostly on both sides of the face, they overlap. then you see tons of particles and it's hard to see the face. However, when you position yourself in front of a face or use it in front of your face, you get a clear look of the face and it's not disturbing at all. So overall, it isn't an issue.

If you read my reviews about some of the 3d makeup IG filters I've reviewed, like galactic cat AR 3d makeup, head in the clouds makeup, or Lianne Tokey's butterfly effect 3D makeup—you know that I love beautiful drawn art designs for face masks. But this one, this one looked like it was made with completely different technology. I mean, it was made with the same technology, obviously, but it was so profoundly mesmerizing and impressive, that it looks like it was made using more advanced technology.

Speaking of 3d makeup. I don't wear makeup, but if I would, I would definitely like to wear AR makeup that resembles something like that. I don't even understand why cloths designers don't create a show that can be viewed using AR glasses and use these type of technologies to enhance the experience. If it was, I would go to any of those fashion shows at any time of the day.

In the image below, check out the image on the right side. You can see how the face original lighting is passed through while the forehead area and the entire area is shaded to allow the beautiful glowing colors and effects to illuminate through and become the dominant visual aspect of this digital artwork worn by the user.

Colorful Instagram 3d makeup masks

I love Augmented Reality (AR) technology, I love art and I adore creators and developers combining the two and come up with these type of unbelievable experiences. It inspires me, it fuels me up, it puts a smile on my face, it invigorates me, I get ecstatic seeing things like that.

These type of Augmented Reality experiences are like a drug to me. I know that soon we no longer need to see those through our phones, I can make all people in the street look like that. I can create my own fantasy world, paint up people the way I want and live in my own digitized creation. I walk through the street, I smile. People look back, if they don't smile, I'll "make" them smile" I paint my world with happiness, positivity, and stunning colors. I live in the world I always wanted to live in, a place where every breath fuels up my passions and light up my senses.

This is the reason I created this blog and wanted to discover art in AR. I wanted to come across these type of experience that helps me reimagine my vision of the world I want to create and want others to be with me to experience. I create my own theme for my world and I will invite you to join me and explore my mixed reality realm.

There isn't a better name for this filter than "Fantasy". This word means a lot but fantasy doesn't mean that it can't come true because, in mixed reality, we can create our own fantastical worlds and live in it every single time of the day. I want you to feel it, to get excited by it, and to want to create your world.

colorful art Instagram AR face mask

We are living in a world that feels that we have little control of. We fight for changes that can benefit us, others and the environment. If we ad an option to make a change to the world. A change that is easier to make and can make our personal life better, wouldn't we take that opportunity and make it?

Fantasy filter allowed me to fantasize, but I know, I see, I feel—that my world is about to change. When I create that world, I want you to join me and I would be glad to join the fantasy world you create yourself. I will gladly help you create it as well. We can even switch worlds from time to time, I give you mine, you give me yours. We can share our fantasy worlds with others, let them see it and share their opinion and feelings of how it was visiting our themed fantastical world.

Fantasy filter helped me get to that place where I won't have just to dream anymore. I can make a change, I can make some of those dreams come true. I highly recommend trying out this amazing filter by Martin Borini and get inspired as I was. Thanks for reading my review.

P.S. Special thanks for Martin Borini for making this filter.

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Stunning Artistic Fantasy AR Masks