Space Window 3D Face Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 15, 2019 | Filter name: "Space Window"

Filter creator: Olga Khatkovskaya (@olgakhatkovskaya)

There is something about Olga Khatkovskaya's filters that excite me with their simplicity. I remember trying out the little animated head plant filter (yet to review it) and I remember how much I loved it because it was cute, organically animated. This filter called "Space Window" is what its name suggests. It's a 3D AR face mask that positions a google's shaped window around the eye area and let you observe a beautiful and colorful cosmic view inside your head that also slightly extends outside with the stars.

Space window 3D Instagram face mask

The cosmic view is three-dimensional and because of it, it appears as it resides inside your own head. This is the same effect that you have with Instagram filters like Robotic Face, Alien Headcraft and others. The three-dimensional model is positioned and starting off the z-axis position from the face backward and also cut off in a way that it approximately aligns to the shape of the face. This way, it produces a convincing effect that the 3d content appears inside the face. Any other parts that extend over the face area are masked off and only appears in the area of the face mesh.

I remember seeing the same effect in a Legendary sword in the game Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn MMORPG game. I remember walking with my friends and on the mountain, we saw a guy holding a sword with beautiful stars reflections and it has depth. When you move, you can see a parallax effect that made it looks like a whole universe was inside it.  There were to versions of this sword, both look so beautiful and everyone was awed seeing people using it. It was very hard to get.

So that is the first time I remember seeing a similar effect that wowed me and this "Space window" effect does remind me of it.

This Instagram AR mask also applied some sparkling stars appearing and vanishing on the entire screen, alongside stars ejecting out from the face towards the screen. These extra touches do help in producing a more enchanting atmosphere that extends beyond the inner part of the face. It helps connect the virtual part that appears to reside in your head with the external real world around the user. Without that, it would have appeared flat and less visually appealing.

As users move their head, they can enjoy observing the inner parts of the 3D cosmos scene in their head and that invites and encourages users to move their head in order to fully enjoy this unique facial Augmented Reality (AR) mask experience.

Two women wearing an Instagram face mask showing 3D cosmos view

Now, there isn't any subsequential interaction, unfortunately. I was actually looking forward to a spaceship coming out of the head after I open my mouth (A cool idea I would say) or something cool to open when I open my mouth, but none of that exists. This happens to me a lot when I try different filters and then I think about other cool possibilities for them. Other types of interactions that can be used to enhance the experience and add an element of surprise for those who try it for the first time. That being said, there is something about some filters just being simply what they are, and I have nothing against that.

There is always an option to reuse materials from previous filters and create a second filter with added content—I've seen that done before.

I also liked using this filter with images with dark background and colors that projects and atmosphere and have colors quite similar or contrast well the one used in the cosmos 3D scene. Also, imagine having real sunglasses with this type of 3D effect, that would be so cool!

So overall, a simple yet well-designed filter that brought up some nice memories from online gaming experiences in the past, good use of 3D with face mesh and use of an effect that encourages head movement and observation and looks attractive on video.

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