Robotic Face & AI Android Society Integration Motif — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 15, 2019 | Filter name: "Robotic Face"

Filter creator: Nazareth Carrero (@nazarethcarrero_dyn)

"Robotic Face" is yet another great filter by Nazareth Carrero. This one is similar to AR face masks like Robotic Love by Marc Wakefield and Alien Headcraft by Kym Fiala. In this IG filter, the face of the user opens up using five panels that carry the user's face on top of them (inheriting original facial expressions), revealing a robotic face underneath the skin.

All three, including Robotic Face, Robotic Love and Alien Headcraft use a robot or alien creature in the body to reveal a theme of a non-human entity controlling or being the true entity inside the human's body. These probably remind some of you of some movies or TV series from the past, like Man in Black (1997) or "V" TV series that tells a story of aliens that come to Earth and disguises themselves to look just like humans.

Robotic face mask, Instagram filter

This raises the thought about that not everything that we see is what we think it is. The effect is done well, locating a creepy robotic creature that looks like it was inspired by the face of Yautja or Hish-Qu-Ten, the creature from the movie Predator (1987; a fictional specie), kind of. The two metal parts at the side of the mouth reminded me of it, and the tongue actually reminded me of the creepy tongue of the creature from the movie Aliens (1986).

So this face was definitely one that looks creepy and brought up some flashbacks from scenes from several movies I've seen in the past. 

More examples, touching a robot's relationship with humans and robots & nature motif.

Robot relationship with humans, and robots in nature motif, using Instagram AR filter

I also liked the top area that inherits part of the forehead and extends forward a bit. I like the detailed robotic face and metallic reflections. Users need to tap on the screen to initialize the opening face phase. Once the robotic face mask is revealed, you can open your mouth to see the metallic tongue animated forward and colors gradually shifting from orange to gree depends on how much you open your mouth. The tongue also extends further as you open your mouth larger.

What I did find missing is something that reacts to eye openings and movement. I think that adding some animations or color shift when the user blinks would be a nice added touch to this face mask. Another cool thing is that once you open your mouth while the face is opened up, a cool robotic voice-over starts playing.

So overall, a beautiful 3D model of a robot face, very detailed and interesting to look at, voice, alongside subtle yet perfectly fit animations—all help deliver an Instagram face mask that is great to experiment with and share. I remember when I first saw it online before it was released, and I really liked how it looks. This way, I know that there will be many people who will enjoy seeing it.

I did try many filters that were fun to use, but I didn't really enjoy them as much as a viewer. This was was fun to use and for me, it brought up some flashbacks of spooky and entertaining scenes from different movies, so I had fun also watching it.

One probably with these type of masks, is that they override the original face of the user. Usually, we want our face to be recognized through the filter so people whom we share the picture or video with will recognize us. What Nazareth Carrero did was allowing the facial expressions to pass through to the face that is now instantiated on the open face leads. This means that if you blink, for example, people can see it reflected on the face on those opened doors.

The main downside here is that in order to see that original face part, you need to turn your head and even then because it's split into several parts, it's hard to recognize the face there. If it was like two large doors with a half face on each, it would be easier I think to recognize the person behind it.

Another way to help maintain identity is obviously to just speak, which is something you can do while recording you using a certain filter. Some filters do change the voice, but this one, from what I could tell, doesn't. I think it might be synthesized a bit, but maybe it was just how I sound in the small room I am at.

Two Android women showing their robotic face exposed, Instagram face mask

Another reason why I enjoyed using this filter, Robotic Love and Alien Headcraft is that it allowed me to create a derived digital artwork of my own, raising up some interesting motifs related to leaving and integrating with AI Androids in our future society. This is another reason why I enjoy using these type of filters because they allow me to create derived digital artworks related to motifs of my interest and make the viewer engage with the digital artwork. It's easier for me to use those amazing filters to do just that than doing it from scratch.

I think that seeing those images might raise some thoughts about how Aritificaly intelligence Androids will integrate into our society. What type of emotions we will feel towards them and what they will feel towards us. Will they have the same rights as us, to what degree if AI consciousness is achieved, we'll have the right to control over them. Can we love or marry them? If we hurt them, will we be judged by the system and get punished for our actions? How it would be like having an AI character as your best friend? Will it answer many of our social needs? How do you program "Love", how can we use Deep Learning to teach an AI to love another AI or a human being, will there be any difference between the two? Will "killing" an AI character will be counted as a series offense or would be like just shutting down a washing machine? How AI will be like 200 years from now and how it will affect our daily lives, work, social interactions, relationships, etc?

Just a few questions that I enjoy thinking about and much more racing through my mind. I hope that this review using the derived artworks using this filter will make you engage with that motif and ask questions yourself.

One last thing that I want to talk about is things that I personally desire seeing in Instagram masks similar to this. I want to see things that look more organic. I see many things that are quite metallic, fixed or static. I remember trying out Facial Octopus filter made by Mark Wakefield for Ellen Sheidlin and I was blown away by it. I do know that this type of organic animations are much harder to produce and probably this is one reason why we see less of those and just linear or simple animations. That being said, there is plenty of room for creating so many awesome AR experiences using organic-looking elements.

I shared my opinion about why I loved Crystal Tentacles Instagram face mask so much. As simple as it was, the main reason was the organic-looking 3d model and animations that made the virtual content, in this case, the tentacles, appear like a natural extension of the human body. Those tentacles animated beautifully based on the head rotation. This is the type of 3D design and animation that omega.c wanted to implement in his filters. This is something that I want to see much more in future Instagram face masks, and right now, this isn't the case. I think it will be well worth the effort.

From what I can tell, Ellen Sheidlin understood it straight away, and Mark Wakefield has executed it superbly in this Facial Octopus filter. Try to get out of the comfort zone and being more of these unique and mesmerizing visual experiences. Not many people do that and if you make an IG filter with these type of animations, your Instagram filter will EASILY stand out from the rest. I also do believe that people want to see more of these type of organic-looking animations and based on the reactions that I see from previous ones that already exist, people just love them, I am included of course among them.

I love many things about this "Robotic Face" filter, it was beautifully done both aesthetically and technically and the result is an Insta filter that is both fun to use and fun to watch. Don't forget to follow its creator @nazarethcarrero_dyn to unlock this filter and all of her other amazing filters.

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