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Published on May 14, 2019 | Filter name: "Gender Swap (male to female)"

Filter creator: Snapchat

A few days ago I played around with the two gender-swapping Snapchat filters. In this review, we'll take a look at one of them, the one that allows you to change your gender from male to female. By "gender swap" I mean, giving a male face look more feminine. Of course, this filter will also work on any person's face and it will change the face of females to one that applies some of the facial characteristics used by the filter to make the face appear more feminine. 

This filter is quite amazing technically speaking. It does so many things behind the scene to make sure the face indeed looks feminine and results are absolutely awe-inspiring. First of all, it smoothens your skin and tries, the best it can, to remove any facial hair. It doesn't succeed sometimes and if you have a beard, the part underneath the chin will stay and not be removed.

Gender swapping Snapchat lens

The other amazing thing, and what I like most about the filter, is that it samples your hair and produce a virtual fig that compliments the existing or fills up the non-existing hair for bald people. For example, if you have blonde hair, the new virtual hair will look blonde. Your lips will be shaped to look more feminine and appear a bit glossy and your eyelashes will be longer.

The effect of course work in real time, giving you the option to look at the mirror (your phone's screen) and observe your new feminine self. I don't expect any gender identity crises to take place while using this filter, but I'm sure it will make you feel things that you haven't felt before. After all, when was the last time you were able to become a female and play make-believe? Well, you can use makeup and dress differently, some filters allow you do do that without even needing any physical items. However, this filter goes beyond that and uses advanced technologies to realize that gender swapping in a much more believable and convincing way.

The gender change Snapchat lens wasn't able to remove the beard and completely remove all the facial hair around the mouth and the cheeks.

Gender change AR filter failed to remove facial hair

The hair-generation algorithm is definitely one of the more prominent and exciting features in this filter. It works well for tall hairstyle, bald people, it can diminish facial hair if it exists (not perfectly though) and results in a digital gender transformation that is unlike anything I've seen before. It's not the first time I've seen this type of gender-swapping filter, but it's definitely one of the best ones that I've seen yet.

By the way, I did try it on curly hair to see how smart the hair regeneration algorithm is, but it failed in that aspect. If would be nice having the algorithm generate curly hair or other types of hair based on the original hair type.

This helped give birth to an endless number of new photos of people that don't exist. I mean, they do, but that transformation gave birth to many female looking characters that don't exist in real life. This also leads to people trying out this Snapchat lens on celebrity pictures, trying to feminize male celebs to see how they would look like if they were females. The results are amazingly entertaining to watch. I mean, think about it, you can turn any male face to look feminine by just pointing your camera at them.

That being said, some results are better than others. For males with a more feminine gentle look, the filter does a better work compared to those with a very prominent masculine face. The results vary but that's the beauty of this Snapchat lens, being able to experiment with and the overall results, less impressive or more, it still interesting to observe.

This facial hair type was easier for the algorithm to remove. Still some hints of facial hair, but overall not bad.

Male change to female using AR filter

If you ever had thought about "What if I was a girl?" or "If I was a girl, how would I look like?"—well, using this Snapchat lens, now you have the option to try to get answers to some of those questions and others. Gender-swapping filter is a great idea which allows people to imagine or feel how it would be like being of another gender or just have a blast gender-swapping their friends or their favorite (or least favorite) celebrities and share that digital awesomeness with friends.

Overall, super entertaining filter to experiment with. I was using it a few days ago and today one many faces and I was amazed how believable the results are. I also tried it on female faces. I can't say that those females turn into being "more feminine", they just look different. Of course, if you use it on a female face that has a more masculine facial structure, this Snapchat gender-swapping lens will make the face appear more feminine than before.

This filter doesn't allow you to become a female with skin imperfections. If you want imperfections, add them in Photoshop :)

Digital gender change removes skin imperfections

I highly recommend trying it out. I'm sure people will experiment it in different ways and emotional responses may vary. Hearing what people say after using this Snapchat lens is not less exciting than the experience itself. It's kind of a social experience where the results are written all over the place. It's even more entertaining reading the comments of people seeing their male friends, loved ones, husbands, etc—getting digitally feminized.

Well done Snapchat, you nailed it with this one. Don't forget to try out the Female-to-Male gender change Snapchat lens as well, if you are a female or just use it to have your face given a more masculine tone than it currently is. I definitely met my other more masculine self today and had a blast doing so.

TIP: check out the crazy YouTube videos of people using this Snapchat filter.

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Gender Swap (Male to Female)