Personalize Your Own Mirror World — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 14, 2019 | Filter name: "AfterFormV2"

Filter creator: Oleg Soroko (@after_form)


"It's different now, very much different. I remember the time before, where we just looked at each other eyes plain and simple, these days are long gone now. I thought about human evolution, wondering when we see a spark of change, but not in million years we won't. The digital revolution, however, happened so fast. People want to be someone else, they accepted it, embraced it—they changed. "What you are?" seems more logical to think when meeting someone than "Who you are?". People have been virtually materialized, the liked being perceived the way they want to, not rely on their genetics to have an effect on others. They want to be in control, not being controlled. The mirrorworld made it possible, it changed our lives forever.

People wearing a futuristic wireframe Instagram face mask

The rapid digital evolution changed everything. You no longer know what is real or not—even then, you don't really care. I wake up in the morning, not sure how the world will look like outside. Sometimes I am afraid, but most of the time I'm thrilled and excited. It's like a drug, it's like waking up in the morning to a completely different world than before, it's addictive but has its own adverse effects.

Sometimes I just feel I live in a lie, selling a fantasy story that can be shattered every single moment. Sometimes I think that people don't care, my virtual self becomes more important for others, they don't want me to take it off. Sometimes they change me, enhance me. They change my voice and looks because this is how they prefer me to be. I'm fine with that, most of the time, but yet again, is it how we want to live our life.  Some people, so-called "The Naturals", they don't care or follow the technology evolution. They chose to see the truth and not live inside a digital magazine. It's harder to sell their agenda, like any other digitally non-enhanced product.

The future, what people are always looking for. The things that were imagined and foreseen, they are here in its full glory. The world has changed, people have changed, things continuously being changed as I speak. What is the weather, what is sound, a thing was there a moment ago no longer there? Escaping reality becomes isn't an escape anymore, it is a new reality.  There isn't an escape from this new world unless you want to unplug, but there are consequences for this, you have been warned.".

AfterFormV2 IG Face Mask

In this review, we'll take a look at an Instagram face mask called AfterFormV2 by after_form. This filter puts a wireframe mask on your face, ads some changeable beauty3000-style shimmer reflection and puts an illustrative neckless around your neck. It renders a futuristic look that raises some deep thoughts.

My mind started raising, seeing how simple AR makeup paves its wave to an all-around reality transformation. It raises some questions about how our digitized and virtualized mixed reality is like in the present and how it would be like in the future to come. We've seen how so easily we can be transformed, how everything around us can be changed—all that with just a few touches or non at all. In the future, it will be so much more comprehensive, advanced, more genuine looking, and fundamentally present in our daily lives that we might not even recognize the world around us anymore.

Not just that, when you wake up in the morning, put your AR glasses on (or whatever device that will be), you know that things will look radically different. You walk in the street, seeing people in a different way, or even not seeing some of them at all. You decide how you want your world to be personalized, sometimes, you feel forced to experience it in a certain way that other people want you to be perceived as.

AfterFormV2 Instagram Face mask

I've talked about AR fashion in some of my other reviews and using this filter ignite some deep thoughts about how the digital revolution is going to change our reality for good and for bad. Being able to personalize the world around me the way I want it to be is a great thing. I mean, if I don't like the cold winter day, I can easily change it to become a summer day. If I don't want it to be night, tap and it's daylight. If I don't want to make people clothing to become more modest, one tap and a change take place. I am in an urban area and I just want to enjoy the sunset, one tap, buildings are removed and there it is a beautiful sunset. I change the sounds, views, people, items—I can completely customize the world around me including the people in it.

In such an ever-changing and dynamic "mirror world", what will be the social and emotional consequences? How much time we will prefer being in such a customized and personalized world, how much of it we will want to change?

This AfterFormV2 Instagram mask was powerful because, in some ways, it signified a big change that is already happening. I tried a Snapchat lens that enables changing gender. All of those filters have a strong impact and triggers excitement alongside some concerns. You might wonder how it would be like walking in the street while fashion is all about complete transformation not just retouching or enhancement.  Will people use it so often that it will feel like a perpetual makeup than a small timed experience.

The technology involves so fast that you can wake up in the morning the next day and discover so many new things that can change the reality in which we live. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be the preferred way that people will use to communicate with each other. We already have seen the immense impact it has on our social lives by just looking at how many people use Instagram AR filters and share photos and videos with other people on the network. We've seen the numbers, we know that people do not just want to use it, they crave for it, the desire it so badly. It is like if you don't share a moment with something digitized you won't get the attention you desire.

You might feel that just "You" isn't good enough, as you won't be able to stand out and get "LIKED" by others, getting that positive reinforcement that people desire and need in the social circle.

I've been using many different Instagram filters that did trigger many thoughts about these particular topics. The change is going to be very significant fundamental to our daily lives in the future to come. what we see now is just the seeds of an immense change. Seeing that wireframe face mask on my face and having the option to enhance the foreground effect was perfect to illustrate that upcoming change.

When I tapped it, I wanted to be in a certain digitized selection than in that natural one. I liked how the image looked, how the colors change the atmosphere and how it changed my look. For some reasons, I prefer being in that modified reality than seeing myself without it. It felt interesting, I was excited and wanted to stay there more.

Now, this is just a small change, I can't imagine having more control over the entire world around me. I'm surely going to make some quite a lot of changes. I will enjoy it, I will make it my own and I will enjoy walking through it. I won't need to imagine too much anymore. Why should I, if I can just make it a reality. I want to relax, I don't need to close my eyes and imagine being near the sea with beautiful palm trees, I make it a reality as simple as that.

This AfterFormV2 mask took me to a little mind trip and it was quite trippy I have to be honest. I was happy knowing that I can change reality to match it to my needs and desires. That thought excited me a lot. There are so many things happening and exist around me that I don't like. There are sounds that I prefer not hearing but I have no choice as I have no control over it. This way, I can literally MAKE A CHANGE, without needing the consent of others or having the political or social influence to make it happen. This is my new world now, I decide what I am going to do with it. If I don't like the sound of the work done near my house, I can remove it, make the road hammer drill machine sound like a violin, make people chatting changed to bird chirping sounds , make flowers bloom around the pavement, make birds sing and turn my world into the world that I prefer living in. Don't even bother bullying me, because you already have been filtered out using the ANTI BULLY FILTER.

It's OK, I am not changing other people's world, it's just my world I customize to my own liking. Yes, these little AR experiences that you are trying right now, those will in time, will forever change the way we live our lives for good and for bad, hopefully, most will make the best of it to make their world better.

What I want people to imagine is that world, where a wearable device can have a fundamental change on the way we perceive the world around us. And try to think of what ways you use the technology to customize the world in a way that can benefit your life. What would you change? What is the world that you always dreamed of living in? Soon, this world will be yours to live in! I want you to feel the wind of change.

The great thing about it that this world is only yours to see unless you want it to be shared. Any modification done is perceived, if you desire, just by yourself. Others won't know what those changes are. By saying "changes", I mean almost everything: people's voices and maybe their own existence in your mixed reality world, structures, sounds, colors, items, textures, light—modify, morph, erase, move, resize, shape—do whatever you want with it—IT'S YOUR WORLD!

This little mask there that you are trying on right now, the technology behind it will make a huge impact in the future to come. My world might look completely different than yours. I'll decide whether you virtually exist or not in my world. You want to be a part of it, you need to ask for permission. Think about it, imagine it.

If you want to take that trippy ride, try AfterFormV2 yourself and imagine that place, your place. I'm sure it's going to be an exciting ride—Have fun!

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Personalize Your Own Mirror World