Octopus arms coming out from eye and mouth — Instagram Filter Review

Published on May 14, 2019 | Filter name: "Facial Octopus"

Filter creator: Ellen Sheidlin (@sheidlina)

Yesterday for some reason, I wasn't able to receive newly released filters to my Instagram filter drawer. Today when I walk up, bam, all of them appeared. There are so many great filters to check, one of those that I did try first thing in the morning was Facial Octopus Insta face mask by Ellen Sheidlin.

"Facial Octopus" is a creepy looking Instagram face mask where two things happened. First, your right eye is replicated and appears underneath your right eye, slightly to the right. Second, your mouth and noise also replicated and appear smaller and on the left side of your original one, slightly tilted. Third, is that two animated octopus arms coming out from the right eye and the replicated mouth. The replicated mouth and the eye inherit the movement of the real ones in real time.

Facial Octopus Instagram face mask

I tried many other creepy filters before, like this creepy animated spider face filter by Nazareth Carrero, and the creepy clown makeup mask by Marc Wakefield, but this one was more emotionally packed (for me) and triggered many more thoughts and emotions that I previously thought I would experience.

Using this filter immediately reminded me of the chestburster scene in the movie "Aliens" (1986) when that creepy alien creature emerged from the body of Kane played by John Hurt. It's an unforgettable scene and one of the most impactful scenes in horror movies that I've seen in my childhood. It was so impactful on me that any time I've seen something popping out from the body it reminds me of that scene.

I think it's related to a survival mechanism that we humans have. Kind of categorizing something similar like that as a threat or danger and when something similar comes out we immediately get a flash of that previous moment and like alarms in our body are sound. 

The arms of the octopus reminded me of the moving tails of the alien when it came out from the body of Kane. Yes, I was a bit horrified by that visual from the first look. I'm sure that once full body detection is enabled, we'll see the alien scene replicated as an IG filter, this would be awesome.

Octopus coming out from human's face, Instagram filter

That being said, when I am in a seafood restaurant, nothing stopped me from eating an octopus, although I do get the creeps sometimes when I see eyes of fish on my plate. Again, I have my fears and things that caused me to feel a great deal of discomfort. This filter did make me feel some discomfort and brought up some flashes of horror scenes and some uncomfortable moments in my real life. This is why I enjoyed using it because it did trigger a strong emotional response.

It is personal, some of you might not feel anything like that. Yet, the animation itself and the position of the octopus arm coming out from the mouth and eye is still a disturbing and interesting visual element. It's something that isn't common of course. It can cause some discomfort for those who view it. How many of you quickly rub off an insect when it crawls over your body? even if it's a little ant, sometimes you react fast in order to keep it away from your body. You feel protective over it and sometimes it feels like a reflex taking something that's on your body quickly away from you.

Here, you probably won't get the same response as you know those are virtual legs, but it still can tingle and make you want to observe this surreal visual moment.  It's one of those filters that make you go "What if". A personal little horror exhibition packed as an AR filter and delivered beautifully and creatively to the watching audience via Instagram.

Aside from that, it also reminded me of some cool moments from creepy looking aliens from the movie Man in Black (MIB). When those moments flashed back, I actually was entertained more than horrified. So it was kind of a mixture of feelings that I had there using this creative IG filter.

Users can tap on the screen to change the color of the arms and there is a white vignette effect that helps beautifully frame your surreal self-portrait shots or videos.

Facial octopus IG face mask

Facial Octopus is a creative filter that triggered my curiosity, embarked a confusing mixture of thoughts and feelings. It was amazing how many emotions and flashbacks I had by just using a single filter. It can be different of course between users—but for me—it was captivating and a pretty strong emotional ride. Usually, I experience many of those emotions using several filters, but this, due to the things that I've seen and experienced in life, it happened in a single filter and that's the things that I liked the most about it.

I'm sure that some people will use it and we'll just have a good laugh of the surreal visual of an octopus coming out of their head. Even that alone can be entertaining and fun to watch and share. I am curious what other people feel when they try this filter out. It can be even stronger than what I felt and it can embark different emotions, thoughts, and reactions. There is also the viewer side, those who see your video or photo using this filter for the first time, that can be hilarious to watch their reaction. I'm sure many will be vastly entertained by it. I do recommend sharing it as a video because the animation of the arms is super sleek and looks very natural Although these are just the arms you see, the brain does feel up the missing part and you do feel like there is a full octopus body hiding there inside the human's head.

creepy facial octopus Instagram face mask

It would be even better if the filter supported multiple faces, and even better, seeing those arms wrapping around each other if two people are in close proximity to each other. I don't know if it's possible technically, but it would be super cool if there was an option for that. So no, I tried it on multiple faces, and it didn't trigger two effects, only one face received it.

Technically speaking, the vignette effect helped to make the octopus arm blend better with the face in my opinion. The reason for this is that sometimes you take a photo with relatively low contrast, out of focus areas or varied lighting conditions and the octopus arm because it's virtual, it looks kind of a layer on top of the image. It is sharp with strong color definition, so this white vignette helps make it blend better in most part.

So this is my little story of using the amazing Facial Octopus IG face filter by Ellen Sheidlin. I also browsed through Ellen's Instagram page and found out so many creative ideas coming to life in that page. It's definitely an Instagram page that I am going to follow and visit frequently to get inspiration from, and I highly recommend others to do the same.

Thanks for reading my little story in my filter diary and I hope you enjoy it and enjoy this Instagram face mask as well. Please don't forget to share it with your friends, this helps a lot. Cheers.

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Octopus arms coming out from eye and mouth