Cute bear beautifying filter — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Mar 16, 2019

Filter creator: Nazareth Carrero (@nazarethcarrero_dyn)

Cute bear Instagram filter. This is a simple beautifying Instagram filter with cute bear ears, whiskers, and nose. It's a beautifying custom filter because if smoothen out the skin and giving it a matte tone. Imperfections are diminished and it gives your skin a younger smoother look in most part.

The added cute bear nose, whiskers, and ears compliment the maks. It allows your entire face and facial expressions to shine through, which is something many Instagram users want. This way, you can record cool videos and take pictures of you looking younger, cuter and funnier. If you ever wanted to take the form of a cute teddy bear and share it on Instagram, this is your chance.

The filter also draws dark lin on top of your eyelids, kind of a makeup eyeliner effect that I think was done to make this Instagram 3d makeup more prominent in this app, so it can appeal to those who look for 3d makeup Instagram filters and not just those of giving animal look or cute look without a makeover.

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