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Published on May 5, 2019 | Filter name: "Iris Radiance"

Filter creator: Marc Wakefield (@marcwakefieldards)

A few days ago I tried the "Iris Radiance" filter by Marc Wakefield for the very first time. I like many of Marc's face filter and I found them both inspiring, original and entertaining.

This "Iris Radiance" AR filter is a simple filter. All it does is change the color of your irises to different color. The cool thing is that it works very well even when your eyes move. However, when you turn your head and keep your eyes to the front, the color offsets a bit. To change the color, you can either tap to change to blue and purple colors or blink to switch between blue, golden, purple, red and green eye colors.

virtual color eye contacts Instagram filter

I've read that Marc thought to not even do it because it was too simplistic and indeed, he is focusing on creating complex and very impressive Instagram filters that are not easy to achieve technically and are visually captivating. This what put Marc at the front line when it comes to creative thinking and execution excellence.

One great example of such a filter is "Love Machine" IG filter. A brilliant filter and popular IG mask where once you tap on the screen, eight metallic covers are lifted upwards to the sides and reveal a robot face underneath it. One of the best IG masks I've seen to date hands down.

So from that, you can see that changing eye color look a bit too simple for Mark. However, this is the thing. Many Spark AR developers are sometimes focusing on doing super creative and complex filters and try to do everything they can to stand out from the rest, that they forget about the simple ideas that can impress and lead to high engagement not less than those complex and unique AR artworks that they are working so hard on.

A Great Try-on Experience

A few excellent examples for that are try-on IG filters like the facial piercing AR simulation filter by Nelson Rebolo, Face Freckles try-on filter by Blagovest Dimitrov, and the makeup Instagram filter by Ksusha Lutceva among others.

These filters present a good use case of try-on experiences that many people would like to try to see how they look with and without them. Most of them are related to beauty, cosmetics, and the makeup market. Imagine needing to go to the store to try on different facial piercing, earrings, hats, nail polishes, lipsticks, rings, necklaces, etc—than having the option to try those on yourself, in your own home and even buying the product online without physically trying it on yourself. You can easily understand the benefits of that.

Hey, I just want to match my eye color to my hat and lipstick color today.

Colored contacts try-on IG filter

Color Contact Lenses

Regarding eye colors. Some people buy color contact lenses to change their eye colors like those from FreshLook, and Acuvue,  I've seen those quite a lot here in Osaka, Japan, mostly in cosplay shows where people put on anime cosplay costumes and to perfect the look, they make sure that the eye color matches the figure they were dress to look as.

Many people just want to or will be curious to see how they will look like having different eye colors. Keep in mind that this idea isn't new. There are a lot of eye color changing camera apps out there that do just that like "Eye Color Studio: by ModieFace, or Eye Color Changer Makeup app by Tasnim Ahmed. Those apps allow you to get very precise result and even color, not just the iris but the pupil and the sclera area itself.

In that aspect, this filter is limited in its scope compared to dedicated eye color changing apps like 'Eye Color Studio' by ModiFace. Having said that, one of the main advantages of filters, at least for me, is the ability to quickly try out different AR experience without needing to spend time installing apps to enjoy seeing creative ideas, get inspired by them and easily take photos and shoot videos and share them on Instagram or other online social networks.

eye movement tracking and placing the colored contact filters in augmented reality

I'm sure there will be plenty of people who maybe haven't heard about the ability to use augmented reality this way and this will make them aware of this amazing technology. Others will just want to see if they look better using color lenses or just enjoy the effect and share it with friends.

I personally liked the blinking trigger, which changes the color of the eyes each time you blink. You can use it to produce some cool videos.

It's also worth mentioning that other Spark AR creators have created filters that change the eye color, like creepy dark marble eyes in 'Ayemou' filter by Chris Biandonga, and radiating eye effect in the 'InnerRadiance' filter by Christian Venables.

The main difference however that this Instagram filter doesn't go sci-fi but stay simple and replicates the real-world colored eye contacts wearing experience.  Of course, there are contact lenses that can make you look super creepy, like the Mini Black Sclera prescription contact lens, made of polyhema and make your eyes appear total black or the Ice Blue Dragon Sclera contact lenses that give you dragon eyes.

Eye Color Design Inspiration

I actually looked at some of those websites, like colouredcontacts.com and Spark AR developers can actually get inspired by the contact lens design ideas there. I personally really liked the 'Red Dragon Eye' colored contact lenses, the 'Blue Dragon Eye', the 'Yellow Cat UV I-Glow' and the 'Lava Eye' colored contact lenses.

brown and blue color eye change IG filter

If I was ScleraLenses or any other contact lenses manufacturer, I would make sure that I have an app that allows users to try-on the colored contact lenses in augmented reality and makes use of WebAR to do so. For example, I was just browsing those websites, and I didn't see any try-on button, but trust me, soo enough, many of them will have it one way or another. 

If you want to quickly get inspired by many designs, Google images search engine is your best friend.


This 'Iris Radiance' was meaningful to me because I personally wanted to see how I look wearing different eye colors, something that I didn't even bother to do with downloading apps, but because it was so accessible and immediate, I tried it.

Second, It made me research a bit more on the topic related to beauty and cosmetics try-on experiences. It made me look for a different design and try to inspire Spark AR creators to look for those unique designs and get inspired by them for their next IG filters, whether it's solely focused on the eyes or part of an IG mask.

It's those type of filters that made me think, trigger my curiosity. I am left with something after trying them. It's one of those filters that as simple as they are, you stuck with them for quite a few minutes other than just flicking back to the next filter trying to find a super cool looking filter to share with friends.

This is why I've decided to spend time sharing my experience with it and at that point, I want to thank Marc for not skipping it and releasing it so everyone can have that experience, each one in their own way. I'm sure many people will take something with it, whether they are casual users, creators, digital artists, and even marketing and business persons.

I hope you enjoy reading my review. If you did, please do me a little favor, share it so it reaches more people out there. I would be so grateful for this and you will help support my efforts so I can continue doing what I do for the long run. Thank you so much.

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