Hallucinatory Color Displacement Effect — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Apr 25, 2019 | Filter name: "psy-01"

Filter creator: Tokyy (@tokyyto)

I don't know if the name of this Instagram camera effect "psy-01" suggests "Psychedelic", I didn't bother to check—but I had great moments with it.  This IG effect creates a duplicated animated color layer based on the brightness of each pixel in the frame, I think. The base color is changeable by tapping on the screen. The results are interesting, depends on the lighting of the scene and the subjects you are trying to capture a photo of.

Sometimes it gave me results that look like I am in the Sahara desert, sometimes it looks like I am inside a horror movie and sometimes I felt like I am inside a post-apocalyptic world. I tried to experiment with it in both daylight and at night, trying to use it in different lighting conditions and scenes with different colors and contrast differentiation to see what I get.

In the next image, I used the Yellow color variation. The color-shifting is animated and looks like a misplaced purple fringing aberration gone completely out of control. It's animated form lower opacity that partially effects the image to a more prominent one that is shifted outwards of the original place. So watch the animation, and decide when it's time to press the camera's shutter button to lock the shot.

psy-01 Instagram camera effect with yellow colored sky

In that particular example, I wanted a strong effect but I also didn't want all the image to be colored, just that bright area in the sky and the water, so I waited for the right moment and then tapped the shutter button.

Now it took me time to find out some areas and subjects and the appropriate lighting that could produce the results I needed. It's all about experimentation. The more you use the filter, the easier it is to previsualize the outcome even without using the filter. The same goes when you use Adobe Photoshop or any other editing software. You know what the filters are doing to the image. With experience, you know how to use them and even combine several of them to obtain certain results. The same goes here, but this one works on a live image feed and is changing in real-time right in front of your eyes.

Two images with AR camera effect applied on them

High-contrast scenes seem to deliver the results I liked. It was still quite early, yet I capture both of the images (at the top) in relatively bright daylight. On the left, you can see a high-contrast scene of a tunnel where the only light is the one coming from the end of the tunnel. This produces a nice effect. I intentionally waited for people to appear in the frame to enrich the image, and look more interesting.

The right image has a more prominent effect. As you can see, I really enjoyed using the yellow and the problem is that there is only a small selection of colors to choose from. I wish there was an option to use a color picker to choose the colors but that might be overkill but having an option for that would be nice—for me.

Keep in mind that all those images are unedited (except resizing and text) so this how it looks with the IG filter applied straight out of the camera.

Black energy spreading through the sky, Instagram filter

The next one is kind of creepy. It was taken in the same area as the first image, but instead of yellow, I used the black filter. Here, the black color also changes the contrast. You can see that the gray color reduce the contrast of the tree so it kinds of blend in with the building. The sky gets an effect that looks like alien dark energy that spreads through the sky, like an image taken from a science fiction movie. It also, in the second look, seems like the sky turned into the water like the whole city was soaked into the water. A post-apocalyptic world where water covered Earth and I am a person who visits the old ancient Osaka city 2000 years after—hey, I am allowed to dream, don't I?

This effect also works well for selfies, creating kind of an interesting atmosphere while still maintaining the real you with approximate slightly tones skin colors. Having said that, I found it much more interesting to be used with the rear-facing camera of my Android phone. Furthermore, my rear camera has a fast aperture lens, thus allowing me to capture good photos in low lighting conditions.

The next picture uses the black color of the psy-01 Instagram camera effect. I took this picture at Osaka Castle the other night. The castle itself is mostly bright white. In that picture, the filter gave it kind of old vintage and climactic effect. Still, the white clearly shows the beautiful lines of the design of this magnificent Japanese structure. It looks elegant against the dark night skies, even though most of the image is pitch black. Again, no further editing except text, logo and dimension change has been applied to the image.

Osaka Castle, Japan, black color filter Instagram effect

For me, luckily this filter appears among the first filters in the list. Right now, it's very hard to manage the filters. I wish there was an option to lock a filter so it appears at the beginning of the list. Hopefully, Instagram will solve this issue. It makes it very hard for me to review filters because I spend a lot of time trying to browse through hundreds of filters. The moment I get out and do other things, I need to search it again, and every time it takes minutes. Luckily this one was among the first ones.

I was walking to the sea areas, later took the Ferry Wheel and relaxed up there in the air. Ate a donut and drank a black coffee and enjoyed looking at all those images that I've captured using this psy-01 filter. Honestly, when I first tried it, I didn't know what to expect, but I knew that I need to give it a try and experiment with it. I do that for almost any camera effect that I come. Trying to imagine isn't enough, I need to experiment it myself first hand to fully understand it's artistic potential for my particular needs.

I took many more images and I can't post them all here. I'll probably post more on Wow Filters Instagram account, so you might want to check that out. Also if you haven't followed me, just visit my Instagram account and follow me to get notified when I post images and when I release new IG filter reviews.

That's it, it was a long night and that filter was me all the way until I got home. I was very tired, try to sleep, but wasn't able to. I woke up after like 3 hours and set down writing this review. I really enjoyed using this filter and I enjoyed the interesting results I was able to create with it.

I wish there was an option to create my own filter list on Instagram, so I can quickly access them and make Instagram an Augmented Reality mobile Photoshop app to transform the world around me any time I want with ease. Hopefully, Instagram will do something about it.

Thanks for reading my review. If you want to support my journey, please check out my AR Critic Twitter account—Thank you!

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