Notre-Dame Stained Glass — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Apr 19, 2019 | Filter name: "Notre-Dame"

Filter creator: conceptuel

This *Notre-Dame* filter created by conceptuel (Instagram) was designed to honor Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris after the destructive fire took place and destroyed parts of it.  Aside from the emotional aspect and sensitive topic tight to this artistic work, this filter delivers the beautiful augmented effect that I enjoyed using.

It is a combination of a colorful stained glass window effect on a mask on your face and a stained glass windows from the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris as a background.  I used it with both the front and rear-facing camera and it helped create some really interesting results.  The stained glass window effect on the maks is a fantastic idea and it obviously reminds us of many other colorful effects, like beauty3000 and similar. Yet, the colors and texture take another meaning for those who know about the fire that took place on the roof of the Cathédrale. It was a devastating day for the nation and for many people around the world.

This Instagram custom filter is a way to spread the message so it can reach more people and also show and share the love for this historic structure.

I thought that one of the things that I can do to honor it and seize that moment was to create something with this Instagram filter with images that portray the shock and sadness that many people, including myself, felt in heart.

This is two images, combined into one that portrays those feelings in an artistic way using this new filter by conceptuel.

Notre-Dame AR art

I think I leave it there this time. It is an artistic filter that I enjoyed using to be able to deliver my own derived artwork and a way to show my empathy.

Wonderful Instagram filter, thanks for making it.

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Notre-Dame Stained Glass