Easter Egg Spoon AR Face Game — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Apr 19, 2019 | Filter name: "Easter Egg Challenge"

Filter creator: Ilya Krylov (@krylovim)

Easter Egg Challange came to me by a big surprise. I opened my Instagram to check out the Instagram bunny filter than I swapped right and saw this incredible AR game created using Spark AR. I've seen different interactions, but having such a fun game, this is something I usually do on Snapchat. This was a breath of fresh air. It also makes you think about the fine line between an AR face mask and a game. All you need to add is a small interaction and you have a cool game that you can play on your face.

Easter is coming on April, 21. Of course, this means that we are going to see many related Instagram filters for that occasion. I didn't even bother to continue browsing through the other filters, because I liked this one so much, I had to review it.

Easter egg AR Instagram filter

Basically, it's a time-based AR balancing game. A spoon is positioned in your mouth and an egg on top of it. It's up to you to counterbalance the egg movement. The egg will start moving from side to side (pre-programmed). It's up to you to move your head to balance the spoon so the egg doesn't fall. Basically, the interval time between movement will decrease over time. The more you are able to hold the egg on the spoon, the better the score you'll obtain at the end. If the egg falls down, it's game over and you'll see your score.

The game itself is super fun, although the egg movement needed to imposed, so it's not realistic in that aspect. That being said, it's a fun augmented reality experience done using Spark AR Studio. It just shows you that what can be achieved with a creative mind within the limitation of the technology.

It also makes you comprehend that these AR filter platforms are game design platforms for all intents and purposes. They will just get better and better and will give more freedom for users to create unique interactive experiences. Snapchat is already there adding hand recognition and a wide range of interactive features. Others companies will follow suit and we can definitely see those filter frameworks becoming a place for devs to create cool small AR games and interactive experiences now and in the future to come. Considering the amount of exposure those filters get, this is a heaven for AR developers, especially considering how hard it is to get exposure for your AR app on an app store. Developers who already have tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of followers, don't need to spend money on expensive advertising, just create cool apps for all their followers to discover.

Considering the virality potential of those apps in the social media circle (Instagram in this case), you can see why this is such an amazing place to be in for augmented reality developers and Spark AR Studio devs to be more precise. Bot too much work, fun cute little apps, tons of exposure, tons of followers and a crowd that will be notified immediately once you release a new experience—What more can you ask for?

I highly recommend trying this filter, oh sorry, AR game out. Simple, fun and a great filter for Easter.

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Easter Egg Spoon AR Face Game