Frankenstein's Monster Face Mask — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Apr 16, 2019 | Filter name: "Frankenstein Mask"

Filter creator: Piotar Boa (@piotar_boa)

I don't know how I didn't come across this Instagram filter before. Anyways, today I tried out this amazing Instagram custom filter called "Frankenstein Mask" by Piotar Boa. This face mask is all about turning you or you and another person (work with two faces) into Frankenstein's monsters.

This augmented reality face mask puts a shimmer white mask on your face, adds creepy black eye and lip contour, the iconic forehead stitches, and the filter colors the entire scene in green, which this was the skin color that was shown in some of the movies. Users have the option to change the face shape. You start with just your regular face, no distortions, a tap later you get the classic square-shaped head and tap after that a slightly less square but still creepy nonetheless.

Frankenstein AR mask

There are also some lightning effects at the top of the screen and prominent vignetting—all lead to a dramatic, horror AR scene

I actually found out that the mask works better for bald people or those with short hear, because than the front hairline isn't distorted. I enjoyed it as I am losing my hair. I mean, not that I enjoy losing my hair, but it just fits the filter quite nicely. I actually resemble the original. Piotar Boa designed that augmented reality face mask well. He actually digitally creates a straight hairline to make people with hair look similar to the original Frankenstein monster. It doesn't work perfectly every time, depends on the hairstyle but it does deal with that hairline part quite nicely.

Those little details are very important and this what makes the difference between a so-so AR face mask and a great one.  This 'Frankenstein Mask' Instagram filter completely transforms the look of the person who uses it into the classic Frankenstein look. Just imagine needing to it with a physical mask. This is why I am so excited about AR glasses because then, people will be designing so many cool cosplay customs and with cool visual effects, transformations, and sounds.

It works on two people as well!

Frankenstein virtual face mask on two girl faces

It's even better when you see that this virtual Frankenstein Mask works on two people. I actually tried them on three people and only two were lucky to have it on. Piotar continuously delivers amazing filters every single time. Instead of making many average filters, for me, it looks like that he puts a great deal of effort to make sure that each filter delivers something engaging, fun and unique. I know that when I see a new filter done by him, I have to try it straight away.

Frankenstein Mask can be a fantastic face mask for Holloween. It's a great mask to team up with a friend and record a creepy looking video and share it with your friends. This type of AR face mask is one of the reasons why I get so excited trying out new filters. It creates a literally fantastic transformation with terrific visuals,  and great camera effects to match

There are no sound effects though. Something that for me was kind of missing. Especially considering that there is that nice lightning effect and this would help to create a more atmospheric look and feel to the AR scene. I would love having a button that can enable different sound effects and an option to turn it off if I like.

Overall, a fantastic AR face mask with brilliant face transformation that will make you look like the real Frankenstein Mask—Try it now!

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