Creepy Animated Spider Face — Instagram Filter Review

Published on Apr 16, 2019 | Filter name: "Spider Face"

Filter creator: Nazareth Carrero (@nazarethcarrero_dyn)

In this review, we'll take a look at "Spider Face", a new Instagram filter by Nazareth Carrero. I've seen a preview of this filter posted before release on Nazareth Instagram profile page and I knew from that moment that I want to try it. I really liked what I've seen. Today, after finishing some other tasks, I went on to Instagram, searched for it and tried it out.

Spider face AR Instagram filter

In this filter, once users open their mouth,  eight sharp metal bars spider legs will appear coming out from their head. A spider web will appear on their face and the best one, an animated spider will come out of their mouth. The strings remind me of D'Vorah from Mortal Kombat or Medusa's Gorgon spell that paralyzes whoever watch her. I actually had a moment like that in the first boss in the game 'The Snack World Trejarers Gold' for Nintendo Switch.

The other thing that I liked about this filter is that the animation and the web image all appear gradually depends on how much opened your mouth his. It starts small when you open your mouth just a bit, and everything comes out and appear in full force once you fully open your mouth. Of course one of the fun parts is just opening your mouth fast and turning from a regular looking person to a spooky terrifying creature.

This effect also reminds me of some animal's defense mechanism where they extend part of their body to prevent other predators from attacking them. Well, we don't need to go so far, when my cat feels frightened, she is standing on end (piloerection).  This effect was actually more frightening to watch because I am actually afraid of spiders. I mean, seeing a spider coming out of my mouth felt very uncomfortable. Not to a degree that I'll stop using the filter but it was a bit irritating to watch.

There isn't a lot to talk here and the filter is quite simple, but it does trigger, at least for me, a relatively prominent emotional feedback for the visuals. Aside from that, it made me feel like a Spider superhero and enjoying having the option to see what if I was an animal with this type of defensive mechanism. So a simple experience that delivered a unique experience. The gradual animation itself is something that made this IG face mask stand out from the rest.

I had fun using it and I definitely recommend trying it out. I'm sure this creepy effect might trigger different emotions and bring up some memories from unpleasant moments from the past and maybe some hidden fears that you have and you didn't know exist—have fun!

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