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"WOW! Filters" is the best place to discover,and read reviews about the best and trending Instagram face filters, 3D makeup, face masks, and camera effects. Our online web app makes it easy to find amazing Instagram selfie augmented reality (AR) filters which you can try on yourself. You can preview the 3D face filter in an image and video, and with just one tap, the Instagram app will open where you can view the camera effects in IG app itself on your Android or iOS mobile phone.

I am reviewing those filters that we like using the most and ones that we think many of you will enjoy using as well. As a person who reviewed many augmented reality apps before, I share my own opinon on how these IG custom filters can be improved, bringing up their unique design features and make sure they don't go unnoticed.

We also credit the creator of those Instagram filters done using Facebook's Spark AR Studio software, so you can discover more filters created by those same creators/developers.

WOW! Filters is currently in beta, and we are working to add more features but the core idea is reviewing the top Instagram filters, face masks and camera effects to inspire both users and creators alike. If you enjoy this website, please don't forget to share it with your friends and help spread the word - Thank you!

New IG Effects Created By Me

Here are the newest Instagram camera effect that were created by WOW! Filters. I have created more than 60 filters and going. I hope you enjoy using them. Make sure you follow me on Instagram (@wowfilterscom) in order to get all the filters to the camera app. Furthermore, you'll get notified when I release new filters - It's worth it!

Body Colors - Skin Color Changer Effect Instagram Filter

Love Meter Calculator Instagram Filter

SPACE INVADER - Augmented Reality Body Painting Instagram Filter

My Future House Instagram Filter

Facts About Me Game Instagram Filter

GOAT Game - Ronaldo vs Messi Instagram Filter

Billionaire Net Worth Game Instagram Filter

Mortal Sun - Body Burning Fire Effect Instagram Filter

I am focusing on making different filters, including face masks, 3D makeup, themed filters (e.g. Halloween), funny filters, animal masks, weird and scary and more.

You can also find interactive IG camera effects, like games.Those are the ones that I enjoy creating the most. I've already developed many Instagram games and I recommend checking them out. Much more to come, so stay tuned.